WWE_Smackdown_logoVince McMahon opens the show announcing that the WWE Network is free for the entire month of November, including Survivor Series, for new subscribers. Happy Halloween!

Divas Halloween Battle Royal

A Divas costume battle royal is next on the agenda. A clip shows that Brie Bella, dressed as her husband Daniel Bryan, had to go get Nikki’s Louis Vuitton purse and so missed the battle royal. Nikki ends up winning the match and is now considered the No. 1 contender for AJ Lee’s Diva’s Title.


Kane, with Seth Rollins at his side, announces the main event tonight will feature Cesaro vs. Dan Ambrose in a Trick-or-Street Fight. Rollins says, “That’s a helluva main event, but what if Bray Wyatt gets to Dean Ambrose before he makes it to the main event tonight?” “You’re going to fall to Bray Wyatt just like you fell to me,” he added. He then calls out Dolph Ziggler due to his alignment with John Cena against The Authority at the upcoming Survivor Series.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane

Ziggler hits Kane with a Super Kick to the face, as he tries to capitalize and runs and jumps in the air, Kane catches him by the throat mid-air and slams him hard, then pins him. He gives him another choke slam after the pin, then calls Mercury and Noble in to work him over. Kane then announces Ziggler has another match right now against Seth Rollins.

RESULT: Kane pins Ziggler

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

This is obviously a message for any other wrestler thinking of teaming up with Cena against The Authority. Rollins comes in, curb stomps Ziggler who is still laying on the canvas and it’s over. He pins him.

RESULT: Rollins pins Ziggler

Heath Slater (dressed as a ScareCrow) vs. Ryback

Ryback comes out looking jacked and serious as hell, while Slater looks like a clown. Hay is falling all over the ring out of Slater’s costume as Ryback slams him, hits him with a clothesline, then a ShellShock, and then the pin. Serious business.

RESULT: Ryback pins Slater



Miz and Mizdow call out Mark Henry to talk about why Mark Henry turned his back on Big Show on Monday at RAW. He says Big Show got jealous of him about to win the Tag Team Title. Henry says Big Show tried to steal his shine against Rusev. “Do you have to do that,” Henry says to Mizdow imitating everything Miz does. Henry starts talking more smack about Big Show and… cue the music, here comes the Big Man. Big Show attacks Henry, then Henry counters, throws him into the steel pole, then through the barricade where he lays on the floor after smashing through everything. Henry says anytime you want some more, you know where I am, before leaving.

Gold & Stardust vs. Los Matadores

In a match you think know how it will end, we get a surprise as Los Matadores gets the win. Gold & Stardust tried teaming up on El Torino but the bull got the better of them, and distracted them long enough so Los Matadores could get the pin.

RESULT: Los Matadores pins Goldust

Rusev vs. Khali

Khali lands a big slap but, Rusev fires right back with a big kick that sets up the Accolade and it’s over as quick as it started. Khali taps out. After the match Rusev says he’s coming for Sheamus and his U.S. title and will give it to Putin. Sheamus comes out, goes for a Brogue Kick that Rusev dodges and escapes the ring. Now’s not the time apparently.

RESULT: Rusev submits Khali


Bray Wyatt comes out and sits in his rocking chair in the ring. “Happy Halloween,” he says. “Today all of you can pretend to be something you’re not. … Maybe it’s to hide the fact you hate everything about your everyday normal lives. But you can’t pretend forever. … Dean Ambrose doesn’t get to take his mask off. He wears it around everyday and you love him for it. … I know who you are Dean Ambrose.”

Trick or Street Fight — Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro

Seems like it’s a setup for Wyatt to intervene. What if he continued to intervene in every Ambrose match, never letting him win again? That would be a cool storyline. Then Ambrose could ponder joining the Wyatt family, but in the end have him beat Wyatt.

Ring looks cool tonight all decorated with jack o’ lanterns and skeletons. Outside the ring are tables with weapons on them.¬†Ambrose comes in with a kendo stick. ¬†Hits Cesaro with a Bulldog. Cesaro comes back, using the kendo stick on Ambrose, smashing it on his back and chest several times. Cesaro piles up the pumpkins in the ring and tries to slam Ambrose on them but he escapes, and ducks as Cesaro goes over the ropes. It goes ringside now and Cesaro catches Ambrose coming off the ring and slams him across the announcers table into the barricade. Ambrose takes it back in the ring and flips Cesaro onto the pumpkins. It goes back on the floor, Cesaro suplexes him and smashes him with a chair. Ambrose hits him with a witch’s broom. Puts him on a table. Then comes off the ropes with an elbow smashing through the table. Back in the ring Ambrose puts a pumpkin on Cesaro’s head and hits him with a DDT to finish. Then the pin. He gives him another Dirty Deeds for good measure. Happy Halloween folks thanks for sticking with us tonight!

RESULT: Ambrose pins Cesaro



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