WWE_Smackdown_logoSmackDown comes to us this week from Wichita, Kan. With Hell in a Cell just two days away, what will we see from Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, John Cena and Randy Orton tonight? Will Dolph Ziggler retain his Intercontinental Title as he puts it on the line against Cesaro? How will Big Show react to Rusev’s attack on an American soldier Monday night on RAW? Who will win as Gold and Stardust team up with Bo Dallas to take on The Usos and Mark Henry in a six-man tag team match? Also, will AJ Lee enact revenge when she rematches Alicia Fox? We’ll find out all this and more tonight… stick with us for live updates of all the action.


Dean Ambrose opens the show. Ambrose says the difference between he and Mick Foley is that Foley, deep down, is a nice guy. Ambrose says he is not. He has no family to go home to, this is all he has. He then calls out Rollins, who comes over the Titantron to address the Lunatic Fringe. Rollins tells Ambrose he played him in the Shield and was really only interested in his own success.

Miz/Mizdow vs. Los Matadores

Miz puts a figure four on one, while Mizdow does the same to the other out on the floor. Both tap out.

RESULT: Miz/Mizdow submit Los Matadores

AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox

Paige tries to interfere from ringside but it backfires and AJ is able to roll Alicia up for the pin and get a little payback for her loss Monday night.

RESULT: AJ Lee pins Alicia Fox


Next we see Big Show do a sit down interview giving his reaction to Rusev’s attack on the American soldier. If you missed it, the soldier jumped in the ring after Rusev went to tear down the American flag. Big Show says he was wrong to tear down the Russian flag. Big show also says he’s apologized for his mistake, Rusev hasn’t. Big Show talks about his own patriotism and his support for the troops. Big Show says he plans to KO Rusev and pin him 1-2-3.

Dolph Zigger (c) vs. Cesaro – Intercontinental Title

The two put on a nice grappling routine where both try to pin one another several times, then Ziggler gets thrown into the ring post and out the ring. Ziggler hits a couple clothes lines and a neck breaker, followed by a drop elbow but can’t get the pin. Cesaro comes back and hits Ziggler with everything but the kitchen sink, but Ziggler always just barely kicks out. Ziggler then counters a big uppercut (like the one that ended him on RAW) with a Zig Zag and gets the pin.

RESULT: Ziggler pins Cesaro

Brie Bella/Nattie/Naomi vs. Nikki Bella/Cameron, Summer Rae

#TotalDivas — After Summer Rae softens up Brie, Nikki tags in and gives her a backbreaker on her shoulders then pins her the first try.

RESULT: Nikki pins Brie

The Usos/Mark Henry vs. Gold and Stardust/Bo Dallas

Usos work over Gold and Stardust to start, forcing them both out on to the floor. Henry tags in and works them over for a while too. Bo Dallas comes in and hits Henry with the Bodog and gets the pin. Bolieve it! That puts Dallas 4-0 against the world’s strongest man.

RESULT: Bo Dallas pins Mark Henry


Seth Rollins stands in the ring with his briefcase and two tables set up with various weapons on it such as a 2×4, cable cutters, a folding chair, lead pipe, crowbar, handcuffs, etc. He wants to give a preview of what he plans to do to Ambrose at HIAC. He picks up the different weapons, saying he may use this or that one and do this or that with it. Rollins then calls him out to the ring. Ambrose comes from behind as Rollins is watching the Titantron and beats him with a Kendo stick. WWE security try to hold Ambrose back unsuccessfully. Rollins exits the ring as Ambrose puts one of the security guys on a table and comes off the top rope on him with an elbow. Ambrose then does the same to the other security guy. Rollins takes off his shirt like he’s going to come in the ring but no, it will be settled on Sunday.



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