Tito ‘I will step on and spit on’ Bonnar, praises Shamrock in video

Tito Ortiz
Tito Ortiz

Stephan Bonnar pulled off one of the cheesiest promos in MMA history when he had a masked man in a suit show up inside the cage to confront his newly minted, trash talking nemesis Tito Ortiz . The masked man stood beside him until he was ready to dramatically unmask. His identity was kept so secret that no one knew who the hell he was. It was Stephan’s own witness protection program, which is obviously to blame for no one giving a damn about Justin McCully’s unmasking.

Stephan proceeded to cut a “let me tell you something brother” type promo long enough for Randy Savage, God rest his soul, to climb out of the grave, come to the arena, and slap the crap out of him for his antics. Tito also looked confused when Stephan said he was a coach from Tito’s past, since he knew that was fake since Tito has only won one real fight since 2006. Before that it was a gift split decision against lower tier light heavyweight Forrest Griffin and three wins against an aging Ken Shamrock.

Check out this video of Tito throwing his hat to the fans before he fought Chuck Liddell for the first time – then watch it get thrown back.

His lucky submission win over Ryan Bader in 2011 prompted him to tell the world he was back – before getting smashed three more times. Rashad Evans pummeled him, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira obliterated him, and then lost to glass jawed Griffin for the second time. His latest win was against a much smaller Alexander Shlemenko when Ortiz made his Bellator debut, and Tito was even shocked himself when he pulled it off.

Griffin was his last fight for the UFC organization since his contract was up. Ortiz was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame prior to his final bout, but has since been removed as of 4/30/2014. which he lost via unanimous decision in a Fight of the Night winning performance. More proof that there was more going on than Tito’s trash talking the UFC. We’ll never know the whole story.

Tito has even stopped referring to himself in 3rd person because he has figured out no one else is talking about him anymore. Rumor has it even his mirror is too embarrassed to display his reflection. Seriously, Ortiz is as relevant as Manny Reyes Jr and his imaginary UFC title.

The UFC has stricken Tito from the record books. His five title defenses were against opponents with smaller heads, and that makes it hard to count those since the weight from his cranium alone held them down to the canvas. Tito’s style was played out in the 90’s and lay and pray is on par with Mark Kerr’s perfection of the technique. Watch Tito’s 3 rounds of dry humping against poor old Patrick Cote and tell me Tito’s head on Cote’s chest wasn’t attempted murder by crushing death. Naturally with all of Tito’s negative talk about the UFC it isn’t surprising they refuse to mention his name much like WWE runs the other way when someone brings up Chris Benoit.

Now he will collide with with Stephan “pillow hands” Bonnar and if Stephan KO’s Tito Ortiz – that is it for Tito. Stephan hit Forrest Griffin so many times in their first fight and only managed to bloody him up. Imagine how hard he would have to hit Ortiz to get past his huge head’s defenses to knock him out.

I’m not saying I am not going to watch it because believe me I am. I love fights where bad blood is involved and Stephan has included Tito’s family in his trash talk. That is not cool by any mean, but stating that Tito having sex with his ex-wife Jenna Jameson is indeed like throwing a hot dog down a hallway is fine by me. Straight up Stephan, Tito’s kids should be off limits. Ortiz is genuinely pissed and has been less talkative about Bonnar than Stephan has of  him. This is a sign that Tito may have moved in to another zone when it comes to his focus and that may be bad for Bonnar.

Stephan Bonnar and Tito Ortiz collide on November 15th in Bellator.

In this recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Tito discusses Bonnar’s trash talk, praises Ken Shamrock for not bringing his family in to the feud, and says Bonnar was a UFC favorite because “was giving BJ’s”.