WWE’s Monday Night RAW is back tonight. Join us for live updates of all the action as John Cena and Dean Ambrose team up in a 2-on-3 Handicap Street Fight against The Authority. Nikki and Brie Bella will certainly have some words to exchange before their upcoming Hell in a Cell match that will make the loser the other’s personal assistant for a month. Will The Miz and Sheamus throw down once again before their upcoming championship match? Will AJ Lee get revenge on Paige and Alicia Fox for teaming up on her at Smackdown? Rusev and Big Show will surely make an appearance. All this and more tonight on RAW.

The action kicks off at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT)


#RAWKansasCity — They focus on the cell hanging over the ring to be used at Hell in a Cell as the show opens. HHH, Kane, Rollins and Orton walk out to the ring. Rollins and Orton argue over which of their matches is the real main event at HIAC. HHH said it’s a double main event and both matches are considered main events. He also announces the winner of Orton and Cena at HIAC will battle Brock Lesnar for the HW title. — HHH tells Orton later on that the whole thing was Rollins’ idea. Orton says he’s going to go personally thank Rollins.


Sheamus/The Usos vs. Miz/Gold & Stardust

Miz tells Mizdow to replace him in the match. Stardust and Jimmy Uso start it. Miz sits at the announcers table. Jimmy gets thrown out of the ring and Goldust is tagged in and confronting Jimmy who is laying on the floor… Mizdow hits Uso with a neckbreaker but then runs into an Uso boot. Stardust is tags in and continues working over the Uso brother. Sheamus is tagged in and working over Mizdow but can’t get the pin. Usos get hit with Stardust’s The Falling Star. Sheamus takes out the whole other team coming off the turnbuckle onto the floor. Sheamus hits Stardust with a Brogue kick, but this distraction gives Mizdow the chance to catch Sheamus from underneath and roll him up for the pin. Mizdow beats the man Miz is set to face on Sunday at HIAC. Miz celebrates saying, “I’ve won the match”.

RESULT: Mizdow pins Sheamus

AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox

AJ using some nifty submission attempts, even a donkey guard maneuver. Alicia breaks out of all of them and works her over, lands a big back breaker but can’t get the pin. Paige is ringside talking smack. AJ lands a drop kick from behind while Alicia is talking to the ref. This sets up a flurry from AJ until Alicia goes out on to the floor. Paige “attacks” Alicia and this throws AJ off; while she’s having words with Paige, Alicia comes from behind and gets the surprise pin.

RESULT: Alicia Fox pins AJ Lee


Orton in the ring talking about Cena at HIAC. Cena comes out and they hype it up, talking about the winner gets Brock Lesnar. This brings out Paul Heyman, who says the winner of their match is really the ultimate loser because they will have to face The Beast Incarnate. Cena picks Heyman up on his shoulders but talks himself out of hurting him. Orton comes from behind and hits an RKO on Cena, leaving him laying in the ring. Orton then RKO’s Heyman and throws Cena’s hat out the ring.

Rusev vs. Big E

Big E getting the better of Rusev inside and outside the ring. He throws him back in and works Rusev over in the corner. Rusev stomping him in the chest as he lays on the canvas. Back to the feet and Rusev catches Big E with a spinning heel kick that lays him flat. Big E hits a big belly to belly suplex, but Rusev floors him with a kick to the throat. Rusev then locks up the Accolade and Big E goes unconscious.

RESULT: Rusev submits Big E

Rusev and Lana prepare for the Russian anthem and the flag to drop, but Big Show comes over the Titantron and the American flag drops. Rusev goes to pull it down and an American soldier in fatigues jumps in. Security tries to hold him back but Rusev hits him with a big kick and exits the ring. Obviously staged of course. … An emotional Big Show comes out and says, “There are certain lines you don’t cross. You don’t disrespect an American soldier, ever…” He calls Rusev to the ring. He doesn’t show up and Big Show says he’s going to find him and goes backstage.


Ambrose and Cena do a pretty funny skit comparing themselves to Batman and Superman. Starting to like the Ambrose character more.

Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae

Nikki watching from backstage. Some good back and forth before Brie gets the pin. She went into Brie Mode twice and did the Yes chant after the win.

RESULT: Brie pins Summer Rae


Ambrose comes to the ring with a big duffel bag. He pulls out a Seth Rollins life size doll and sits it in a chair. Talks to it saying Rollins is nothing more than a puppet to the Authority. Ambrose brings out a saw and says he had a dream he sawed of his testicles, but Rollins already gave his testicles to the Authority. Then he takes a pair of tongs to the doll’s testicles, then piledrives him. This brings Rollins out with his briefcase. Rollins insults the crowd calling them Midwest trailer park trash. Rollins is about to walk in the ring when Mick Foley comes out to “visit an old friend”, the Cell. Foley talks about the pain inflicted by HIAC, and the scars he still carries. Nice promo for the upcoming Rollins-Ambrose match.

Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler clotheslines him over the ropes, rams him into the barricade before throwing him back in the ring. Cesaro starts to turn it around …. presses Ziggler over his head and drops him belly first over his knee. Cesaro drops an elbow on him off the second rope. Cesaro goes to jump off the top rope and gets caught with a drop kick from Ziggler. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker, can’t get the pin. He then goes for the Famouser and almost pins Cesaro. Cesaro ends up catching a kick, spinning Ziggler around and catching him with an uppercut that lays him out. Cesaro pins him, then picks him upside down for a face smash to the mat then pins him.

RESULT: Cesaro pins Ziggler

John Cena/Dean Ambrose vs. Kane/Seth Rollins/Randy Orton – Handicap Street Fight

It’s full on mayhem right off the bat. Ambrose and Cena getting the better of it before Rollins starts working over Ambrose. Ambrose counters and hits Rollins with a DDT. He then chest stomps him and puts him in a calf slicer, then runs his head into the turnbuckles and hits him with a clothesline. He hits Kane at ringside, then throws Rollins out on the floor. Ambrose drops an elbow on all three opponents and Cena, they’re all down. Ambrose brings a chair in the ring then slams it over Rollins’ back. Ambrose goes back under the ring and finds a folding table. Kane stops him and puts he and Cena down. …. Rollins working over Ambrose back in the ring. Orton tags in and drops Ambrose belly first across the top rope. Ambrose rallies and drop kicks Orton off the top rope. Cena is tagged in against Rollins and leaves him laying in the center of the ring, then works over Kane. Cena brings in the folding table, but Rollins counters and runs Cena into the corner head first. He goes out of the ring and beats up on Ambrose, running him into the steps. Kane picks up the steps and knocks him out with it. Rollins suplexes Cena but can’t get the pin. Kane throws Cena over the announcers table and into the steel steps, then into the ring post. Back in the ring Kane breaks the table with Cena. Kane calls for the cell to come down. Cena tries to rally but gets clotheslined and Orton tags in. Ambrose tags in and comes off the top rope on all three, then works over Orton — meanwhile he kicks Rollins off the side of the ring into the cage. Ambrose brings in a stick and breaks it over Orton, then brings in a folding chair and lands on Orton with it off the top rope. It all goes outside the ring now and everyone is busted up. Orton throws Ambrose back in and brings out the viper. Cena intervenes but gets taken out. Orton ends up RKO’ing Ambrose and pinning him.

RESULT: Randy Orton pins Ambrose….

… But then Orton gets curb stomped by Rollins and says, “I call the shots around here.” Show ends with Rollins on top of the cell and all the bodies (his team included) laying all around the ring inside the cell.



By Jack Bratcher


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