Emperor Palpatine’s first name revealed and it’s dumb


So in another Star Wars moment of WTF:


Star Wars: A New Dawn had a panel at the NYCC where they stated Emperor Palpatine’s first name would be inveiled in Tarkin, a new book due out next month by James Luceno. A Wookieepedia user has gotten their hands on an early review copy of the novel and found out Palpatine’s first name.








His name is …..Sheev Palpatine. Let’s let that sink in for a moment. Sheev rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. So in three decades we had Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Han Solo all the way to the immortal…..Sheev. Why not Stone Cold Sheev Austin. Sheevin Spielberg, Sheeven Seagal, or hell Sheeven Tyler.

The backlash has already begun to surface even with the promising releases of info on the upcoming Episode VII film. Thanks to George Lucas’s incredibly terrible prequels and his subsequently awful reasoning for the hot mess of a trilogy, this feels to fans like the Star Wars memories of old will once again be replaced with memories of Sheev like proportions.

JJ Abrams has turned film ideas in to gold before and to be honest Star Wars Episode VII pictures that have been leaked look amazing. So, the fear is that since George Lucas likes to put his hands in things that are already good and make them bad it could spill over in to the new films, too. Over the years he has become more and more out of touch with his own creation with too few people to be the checks and balances for his lunacy it never ends. His friend Steven Spielberg isn’t aging well either in terms of decision making, but that’s not to say the pair isn’t still capable of brilliance.

In Lucas’s defense he probably did not come up with the name himself and we hope he’s as befuddled as we are. However, there was an interview in the 90’s where he stated Palpatine had a name and it would be revealed one day. It was and it’s awful. It’s Sheev.

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