#RAWChicago – Will Seth Rollins get his Money in the Bank briefcase back? What will happen after Nikki Bella demanded her sister Brie give up the Bella name? Will Cesaro get a rematch against Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title after the ref missed his hand on the ropes at Smackdown this past Friday (Sept. 26)? What’s next for John Cena after failing to get the WWE Heavyweight Title back — due in large part to Seth Rollins? Something tells me we’re going to find all this out and much more tonight on Monday Night RAW. Stick with us at www.prommanow.com as we provide live results, updates and video highlights starting at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m .PT). Tonight’s show is in Chicago.

Show opens with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in the ring and Steph telling the audience what losers they are. They also talk about Dean Ambrose running off with the Money in the Bank briefcase, saying it will not be tolerated.

Chicago crowd chants for C.M. Punk.

Paul Heyman then comes out talking with The Authority about Rollins interrupting Brock Lesnar’s match with John Cena. Rollins then comes out saying it was all his idea but none of them wanted Cena to win the title back. Heyman tells Rollins it better not happen again and exits. Rollins calls out Ambrose and to bring his briefcase back. Ambrose comes on the Titantron and tells Rollins to come and get it. As he and The Authority exit the ring and go find Ambrose, Cena runs out, smashes Rollins to the floor and chases them off.

Triple H sends a couple of his henchmen, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, to go get the briefcase back.

Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Miz – Intercontinental Championship

#TripleThreat — Miz getting the better of both of them to start before Ziggler throws him into Cesaro who hits him with a backbreaker. Cesaro presses Miz over his head but gets hit with a body kick from behind by Ziggler. … Back from break and everyone tries to pin everyone all in a row. Then Ziggler hits a double DDT on Cesaro and Miz, but Ziggler is down too. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker and DDT on both of them at the same time. Goes for the Famouser on Miz … Miz catches him and goes for the slam but Ziggler hits the Sunset Flip. … Ziggler ends up putting the Figure-Four on Miz (Miz’s signature move), he’s about to tap when Cesaro takes Ziggler out, but can’t pin him. … Miz comes off the top rope but Cesaro counters with an uppercut that KO’s him. Dolph hits Cesaro with a Ziggler kick that knocks him out the ring, then Dolph pins Miz.

RESULT: Ziggler pins Miz


Mercury and Noble are seen looking for Ambrose backstage and ask Khali if he’s seen him. He knows not of what they speak. They report back to The Authority they can’t find Ambrose. The Authority tells them if they don’t find him they will be fired. Mizdow and Miz confront The Authority on how the TripleThreat match just ended and want them to do something about it. HHH says Mizdow will face Sheamus tonight and tells them to get the hell out, and if Miz ever comes barking orders at him again, his little “straight to DVD career will go straight to the unemployment line”.


Layla vs. Rosa Mendes

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are in the ring with Rosa before the match. Tyson and Nattie have been having some martial issues on Total Divas. Nattie and Kidd are ringside for Rosa, and Summer Rae is in Layla’s corner. Tyson wearing headphones and playing with his smart phone, not really wanting to be there. Meanwhile, Rosa tosses Layla out on to the floor. Nattie smacks Summer to the floor. Layla smashes Rosa face first into the ropes, then hits her with a neckbreaker, then pins her. Nattie takes Tyson’s smart phone away from him and storms off. Summer Rae in the ring gassing up Layla.

RESULT: Layla pins Rosa


Dean Ambrose comes out with the Money in the Bank briefcase and sets it on a folding table in the ring. Dean says he opened up the briefcase and now he knows why Seth wanted it back so bad and didn’t realize he had that side to him — implying he found women’s clothes or underwear most likely. Dean also brings out a duffle bag full of WWE merchandise he got while he was up in the concession stand (where he’s been while The Authority was looking for him). He says he’s going to have a clearance sale and starts bringing out the merchandise, John Cena shirt for $1, Sheamus T-Shirts for $.25… Mercury and Noble appear ringside demanding the MITB briefcase. Ambrose says, oh they sent the cruiserweights after me. He then tells them to come get it. They refuse and hustle backstage. Ambrose says he’s just going to give the merchandise away at this point and throws all the T-Shirts out to the fans. Here comes Rollins with Mercury and Noble, along with security reinforcements. Ambrose tells Seth to come take the briefcase and he doesn’t want any problems. Ambrose leaves the ring and crosses over the barricade. Seth comes in and opens the briefcase setting off a booby trap that sprays green paint all over his face and suit. Ambrose is seen in the stands laughing while Rollins is having a fit in the ring yelling. He finally leaves with his worthless briefcase. … Randy Orton and Kane are laughing at Rollins backstage, while HHH tells Rollins to go rinse his eyes out. Kane tells HHH that Ambrose was last seen going into John Cena’s dressing room. HHH says tell someone to go inform them that Cena and Ambrose will face Kane and Orton in a tag team match tonight. Orton protests, not wanting to fight Rollins’ battles again.


Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas

Mark Henry comes out saying the past week has been very emotional for him and apologizes to the fans because he knows they expect more out of him. Bo Dallas comes out and says he should be apologizing to himself because he lost and was humiliated by Rusev. He tells Henry he’s not living up to his potential, it’s time to close the Hall of Pain and join the Hall of Bo-lievers, which means “never having to say you’re sorry”.

Henry starts smashing Dallas after Dallas throws a few ineffective punches. “I’ll give you something to believe,” Henry says to Dallas, then slams him. “Believe that,” Henry then says. Dallas scoots out of the way as Henry comes off the ropes after him. Dallas then hits his face-smashing finisher on Henry and Dallas pins him. Things not going too well for the World’s Strongest Man.

RESULT: Bo Dallas pins Mark Henry

Henry attacks Dallas backstage while he’s doing an interview and leaves him beaten and battered and unable to move. “That’s what I do,” Henry says as he walks off.

Brie Bella vs. Eva Marie and Cameron

Brie is back. Nikki comes out though and gives her a hard time about returning to the same ring she quit in. She then introduces Eva and Cameron who will both be facing off against Brie. Brie whipping up on both of them before Eva introduces her face to the turnbuckle. Cameron tags in and hist Brie with a suplex. Brie smashes Cameron with an elbow for the counter. Then hits her with another one — looked like it really hit her too. She slings Cameron into the ropes and it knocks Eva off the apron, she then gets the pin on Cameron. Nikki still watching from the sidelines and looks pissed.

RESULT: Brie pins Cameron

NOTE: Rev. Jesse Jackson is in attendance.

Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil (Slater Gator) vs. Los Matodores

O’Neil hits a backbreaker over his shoulder on Los Matodores. Slater comes in but gets worked over and clotheslined. Los Matodores gets on the ropes when the Gator and Bull come in and have a little confrontation. This allows Slater to trip Los Matodores off the ropes and pin him easily. O’Neil even slams the Bull mascot, the Gator then comes and puts the Bull in a Gator Roll. Bunny is ringside. Los Matodores come from behind and double team Slater. Bunny gets to the top rope and comes off on top of Slater. Rev. Jesse Jackson raises the hand of the Bunny!  LOL too much!

RESULT: Slater pins Los Matodores


Big Show and Rusev and Lana have some back and forth about Russia vs. USA. This goes on for a few minutes before Big Show goes into the ring and Rusev leaves. Big Show then rips the Russian flag down that was hanging over the ring and lets it fall to the ground — the ultimate disrespect. Rusev tries to run into the ring but gets hit with an elbow. He runs back in and Big Show throws him through the ropes to the floor. Rusev and Lana then leave for good.


Ambrose and Cena argue over who’s going to get their hands on Seth Rollins first. Ambrose tells Cena no one takes food off his plate, not even Cena.


AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox

Paige introduces Alicia Fox as her new best friend. Alicia begins by working over Lee but Lee hits the counter than batters her with a heel kick. Fox escapes the ring. Paige is checking on her and AJ lands on them both from the top rope. AJ climbs back in the ring, gets distracted by Paige and Alicia kicks her in the back, then pins her. Paige then hits her with a Rampage and leaves her laying in the ring.

RESULT: Alicia Fox pins AJ

Sheamus vs. Damien Mizdow

Miz is ringside at the announcers table giving commentary. Miz yelling at Sheamus to “watch the money maker” and he doesn’t know anything about that since he’s ugly. After some back and forth Mizdow puts a heavy boot to Sheamus’ face as he’s laying tied up in the bottom rope. Sheamus comes back with some forearm smashes to the money maker. He throws Mizdow over the rope and gives him 10 Beats. Miz goes to check on Mizdow ringside and Sheamus exits the ring and throws Mizdow into Miz. He tosses Mizdow back in the ring and flattens him with a Bro Kick, then pins him.

RESUT: Sheamus pins Mizdow


Hulk Hogan comes out wearing a pink Hulkamania shirt and says WWE is going pink for breast cancer awareness month. WWE Courage Conquer and Cure shirts will go to benefit breast cancer research. Get yours over at www.wwe.com.


John Cena and Dean Ambrose vs. Kane and Randy Orton

After some back and forth Orton hits a powerslam on Cena. Ambrose hits an RKO on Cena, kicks him to the body then tags Kane who puts a boot in his face but can’t pin him. Cena flubs a drop kick. Kane with a side slam on Cena but still can’t pin him. Orton tagged in and working over Cena, ending with a few stomps but can’t pin him. Cena hasn’t been able to tag Ambrose in yet. Cena counters a DDT attempt and throws Orton over the top rope. Cena tags Ambrose and he takes out Kane on the apron, then starts working over Orton. He dives out on top of Orton, then throws him back in, hits a clothesline and a Dirty Deeds. Ambrose about to pin him when Seth Rollins ambushes him and causes the disqualification.

Kane comes in and is working over Cena. Ambrose runs Rollins off, then he dives out on top of Kane. Ambrose then working over Rollins in the ring. Orton hits him from behind and Cena throws Orton out, then batters Rollins in the corner. Ambrose and Cena start fighting over who gets to beat up Rollins. Ambrose tosses Cena out the ring and picks up the briefcase. Orton comes from behind and hits an RKO on Ambrose and he’s slow to get up. Kane picks him up with a choke slam. Kane, Orton and Rollins put Ambrose face on the briefcase and curb stomps him. Cena comes in to help but gets RKO’d by Orton. Then Kane hits a HUGE choke slam on Cena. Rollins then curb stomps Cena on the briefcase. Rollins has recovered his briefcase.

RESULT: Cena and Ambrose defeat Kane and Orton by DQ


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