dana-white-face2Remember the Wanderlei Silva “retirement video” he released last week blasting the UFC for low fighter pay and disrespecting its athletes? UFC President Dana White feels it was just meant as a distraction, knowing the Nevada State Athletic Commission was about to levy their punishment against him for evading a random drug test earlier this year.

Dana White’s words (via UFC.com):

“I think he was trying to put up a smoke screen. Look over here because he does it a few days before he’s about to go in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The guy ran from a drug test. … I’ve been saying it for a long time that he was going to get something serious.”

The NSAC handed down a $70,000 fine and lifetime ban on Wanderlei Silva. White all along that the NSAC’s punishment was going to bad, but didn’t think it would be that harsh.

“I didn’t see a lifetime ban coming, but probably the worst thing you can do is run from a drug test. You can’t run from a drug test.”

As far as Wanderlei’s allegations that he felt disrespected by the UFC, White says no way.

“I’ve never said a bad thing about Wanderlei Silva in my life. I’ve always respected the guy and there is no way that guy can ever say that myself or Lorenzo Fertitta ever disrespected him. There’s nothing more that needs to be said.”


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