FOX Sports 1 UFC TONIGHT Show Quotes and Videos – 9/24/14

LOS ANGELES, CA – On UFC TONIGHT, No. 1 ranked light heavyweight Daniel Cormier and the No. 1 ranked lightweight Gilbert Melendez join Kenny Florian and Karyn Bryant in studio. The crew interviews flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson about his title defense against Chris Cariaso in the headliner at UFC 178. Plus, they catch up with Conor McGregor and Dominick Cruz before their bouts at UFC 178. Bryant and Ariel Helwani provide additional reports.

UFC TONIGHT Guest Host Daniel Cormier responds to the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s ruling for him and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones following their brawl last month:  “When you go in front of the commission, it’s a serious thing. There’s a consequence to every action. Jon and I had to answer for that yesterday. We do not want to be remembered as the guys fighting in the MGM Grand. We have to be very careful of your actions and we answered for that yesterday. Now we can move forward with our preparation for a title fight that many people are excited to see.”


UFC TONIGHT Guest Host Gilbert Melendez on UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson defending his belt for the fifth timethis Saturday against No. 8 ranked Chris Cariaso: “Cariaso has good boxing from inside the pocket. Look for him to sprawl, but he’s also good off his back. If he can get to his feet from the bottom or stop Johnson from ground and pounding him and can keep this fight on his feet, he’ll be successful. I think he might be the better striker in this fight.”


Cormier says Demetrious Johnson is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world: “Johnson can go 25 minutes without ever slowing down. His keys are going to be to use that championship level experience to show Cariaso that there’s a difference in fighting at the beginning of a main card than to a main event. His footwork; there’s nobody in the UFC who moves and punches and mixes wrestling better than Demetrious Johnson.”


UFC TONIGHT host Florian previews Saturday’s title fight between Johnson and Cariaso: “For Chris Cariaso, I’ve really seen an improvement in his volume, the way that he’s striking.  He’s not just throwing that left high kick that he used to throw. He’s mixing things up. He has confidence and he’s looked great in his last few fights and I feel like he really has some momentum here.”


Demetrious Johnson on if Chris Cariaso deserves the title shot:“Absolutely. His record is 7-3, he’ll be well prepared and on Saturday night we’ll see who wins.”

Johnson on if he’d ever move back to 135: “No. That’s like them saying ‘We want you to oversee a bigger job and getting the same salary.’ I’m having a good time and still cleaning out the division.”


Johnson on how he stays motivated fighting so many fights: “This is what I do to provide for my family. I get my paycheck and pay my bills and take care of my family.”


VIDEO: Johnson Interview


McGregor on how he’ll beat Dustin Poirier: “I’m going to go in there and play off his panic. I’m going to play with it. He chokes in big contests. He will choke.”

McGregor on if beating Poirier will validate his ranking: “I’m already validated in my own mind and my team’s mind. It doesn’t matter what other people think. I will put him away and I’ll get a title shot. I’ll go out and stiffen him up in the first round and will get the title shot.”

VIDEO: McGregor Interview


Dominick Cruz previews his opponent this Saturday night, No. 5 ranked Takeya Mizugaki:  “All he would need to win is to time me one time being lazy with my jab. On top of that, he knows how to win rounds. He’s a veteran who knows where he is within each round.”


Cruz on fighting in a three-round fight versus a five-round fight: “I’m going to be able to keep a fast pace and with a three-round fight, that’s something you have to do. The pace has to be higher and it’s that much more important to win each round than in a five round fight.”


VIDEO: Dominick Cruz Interview


UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani reports the latest news on UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman’s hand injury: “Chris Weidman told me he injured his left hand just three weeks before his fight in early July against Lyoto Machida. He got an MRI done and they informed him that he did not break the hand, just sprained it, so he fought through it, but he really couldn’t use that hand leading up to the fight. Afterwards it continued to bother him so he got another X-ray done and on Monday he flew to Los Angeles and that’s where doctors informed him that he in fact has a hairline fracture in his left hand. He’ll be in a cast for around four weeks.”


UFC TONIGHT is the official weekly news and information show of the Ultimate Fighting Championship on FOX Sports 1. Veteran UFC fighter and multiple title contender Kenny Florian, veteran combat sports journalist Karyn Bryant and four-time World MMA Awards Journalist of the Year Ariel Helwani bring you all the news and analysis.

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