Hector Lombard spoke to PMN friend Aaron Robbins over at LastWordonSports and he held nothing back. In case you haven’t been following the situation between Hector Lombard, Tyrone Woodley, and the UFC it’s pretty straightforward. The UFC asked Woodley to fight Lombard and he promptly refused with no real reason given. Since then Lombard has become outspoken about the refusal and he is not afraid to speak his mind. Lombard laid it out clearly for Aaron.

“Oh yeah, he is ducking me because he knows I’m going to take him out, that’s for sure. He can’t strike with me, I’m a better striker. He can’t wrestle with me, my grappling is better. He can’t beat me, I’m a real fighter, and he is not. I wanted to fight him, but he came up with all kinds of excuses. It makes me wonder when the UFC will stop letting fighters choose who they won’t fight.

“I understand that the UFC is working hard to get me a fight, I’m not blaming them, Woodley denied the fight. I understand if you are injured, you cannot fight, but don’t come up with bullshit excuses! Don’t start with the he is #6 and I am #3 thing. If he is worried about that, then why did he go and fight Dong Hyun Kim? He fought Kim, who is #10, but he won’t fight me. It has nothing to do with rank. Don’t make excuses like you have no intentions of going back in rank to fight guys.

“He has it confused that we are training partners, we’re not! I have been telling everybody that we don’t train together. I may have trained once with him like six years ago, something like that. Besides that he doesn’t train with me, he trains where he lives. When he comes to American Top Team it’s to get ready for his training camp. He uses the facility and the training partners for his own purpose, and he’s gone, he’s out of the way.

“This guy has been saying that he doesn’t want to fight his training partner, and that he doesn’t want to damage my brain. I’m like, don’t lie. First of all, we never train together, we are not training partners and he couldn’t care less for me. He is just coming up with excuses to get away from me. I don’t know where he gets that, just stop with that lie dude. I was listening to an interview he did the other day, and he was saying that people don’t understand when it comes to fighting training partners, that the fighters have to call and agree to fight. I was listening to this liar talking all this bullshit and it really bothers me. Why should I call him and ask him if it’s ok to get a fight? He is so stuck on the training partner thing; it makes me wonder why he is being so fake.

“We never trained together, that’s the first thing and I’ve got to make it clear, Tyron Woodley is the biggest fake guy out there. They call him a killer, he’s no killer. I call him everywhere I go, and all I get is excuses! Number one faker in the game is Tyron Woodley; he is a big, big liar piece of shit! Put it out there, Put it out there everywhere! I want everybody to see it!”

Check out the whole interview with LastWordonSports.com

2 thoughts on “Hector Lombard says Woodley is a “Liar”, ducking him”
  1. First to hear it papo ! Hope you get a fight soon… Reality speaks otherwise, “who is ready to step up ?”

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