Hunger Games: MockingJay Video roundup


The wildly popular Hunger Games movies are returning this November for what will be the first part of its final two movies. MockingJay is being split enabling the film to include all of the crucial parts of the book it is taken from, and let’s face it – to make the studio more money. The first one is a tough watch if you are a parent because kids are killing kids. It is a good movie nonetheless and the second installment Catching Fire is tremendous.

The death of prominent cast member Philip Seymour Hoffman has reshaped the script and some major scenes that were not completed before his death. Nevertheless, the show must go on.

Over the past few months teasers and trailers have begun to emerge and we figured we would bring you up to speed on what’s been going on.

Here is the teaser trailer that got the fans of the series talking.

Here is the official trailer and gives us a real look at what is to come.

Jennifer Lawrence discusses her reaction to the MockingJay script in the featurette.

One of the coolest things the film has done are separate vignettes from the evil government. This one features President snow spewing propaganda and it is called “Together as One”.

Here is #2 featuring President Snow called “Panem”.

This is a pretty cool clip. It is a scene from the actual film.

Check out Julianne Moore talking about the MockingJay films.

Catching fire had some interesting deleted scenes and luckily there is a video on Youtube featuring them all.

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