In what seems like a never ending string of failures for Vince McMahon (XFL, WBF, WWE Network) it looks as if another nail in the coffin is being set. According to thewrap.com the WWE is trying to sell its library to Warner Bros. I would also speculate WB getting involved the ailing WWE Network in an effort to legitimize and reach a broader audience. The decisions being made by their ever disenfranchised marketing team continue to reflect the notion that they do not know how to provide entertainment to their core audience – wrestling fans.

Continuing to frown on the term pro wrestling, and continuing to make statements regarding fans that are derogatory is killing their product.

They should have called the WWE Network “WWE Plus”. The ad campaign would be, “You get PPV plus TV plus Originals plus…”. You get the idea. But, back to the topic at hand.

Not surprisingly, Warners Bros. and the WWE decline to comment. That leads me to believe it is legit.

“While the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, the library is estimated to have nearly 150,000 hours of content, consisting of television shows, pay-per-view events and house shows dating back to the 1950s. It also contains a large selection of the visual history of modern professional wrestling, and is currently held by Cinedigm.

An insider with knowledge of Cinedigm’s WWE contract told TheWrap there is no end date as yet, but the company is transitioning away from the library.”

 …but the company is transitioning away from the library.”  YIKES.

The New York Post is claiming that WWE is considering making the WWE Network available in the United States as a premium cable channel. Another horrible idea if you ask me. More money on marketing, more on setup, and less money available to present an already sub par TV product.

“WWE boss Vince McMahon, while pressing ahead in hopes of turning around the disappointing start of his six-month-old streaming network, has still not shut the door completely on adopting a premium cable-TV network in the US, The Post has learned. McMahon, the WWE’s chairman and chief executive, is keeping an eye on a little-publicized partnership with Canadian cable giant Rogers Communications to see if it holds the secret to distribution gold, a company executive said.”

Is this the beginning of the end for pro wrestling company that does not focus on pro wrestling? Is this a bad sign for WWE and the future of their struggling Network? 

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