Well, ladies and gents NO ONE is safe at the WWE HQ nowadays and we mean white collar executives, too. Alberto Del Rio was canned and that was a pretty significant event in and of itself, but when they start firing VP’s – look the hell out.

Remember this post we reported as it happened? PEOPLE GETTING THE AXE YO!

Alan Rebhun, VP of Venue Merchandising and Operations was fired sometime around WrestleMania XXX. He was fired because he hired a vending company that had gone bankrupt twice to handle concessions for WrestleMania earlier this year in New Orleans. The event was reportedly way understaffed, and unacceptably disorganized. Oh yeah, there was apparently a HUGE shortage of money.

To Rebuhn’s credit he did push for an increase of live event t-shirts from $25 to $30 and that did help boost the merchandise numbers. Those numbers have fallen since he’s left so it’s a moral victory. He also came up with noteworthy cost-cutting ideas, but apparently they figured out he was a good cost cutting move. He also came up with the idea of not using the standard drop shipping  for every show and they have now essentially gone back to doing that again. Now they are having guys on the road to travel the weekend shows with the merchandise costing the company more money again.

His firing was said to be a ridiculous expense that they could eliminate. This is not the last of the suits we will see leave the WWE, not by a long shot. WWE thrived more when the offices and sections were compartmentalized and it was easier to manage for Vince McMahon. With Vince aging and some reports saying he is out of touch with today’s market and that he is responsible for poor booking the WWE may be in trouble.

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