A while ago I got the chance to interview Josh McRoberts. McRoberts a golden gloves champion who fights out of B-town boxing in Bloomington, IN. I got to catch up with him recently and talk to him about his newly started training camp and a few other things. Enjoy!
PMN: So you just started your camp, how’s that going so far?

McRoberts: We’ve been working hard every day. I’m trying not to do any overtraining. We work a lot of conditioning and I’m just trying to give it 100 percent when I’m in the gym because that will carry over to my match.
PMN: I recently got a chance to come train with you and you mentioned possibly getting a kickboxing match, how did that come up?

McRoberts: I’ve always liked doing kicks and my coach, Rob, would laugh at me because they were so bad (Laughs). So we started working the kicks in with mitts and stuff because it’s something I really like. Rob said I might be able to get a kickboxing match in after the 2015 Golden Gloves.
PMN: You are slated to compete in 4 boxing events in three months, which is crazy by the way, does this factor in to your training?

McRoberts: I just train everything because I never know what my opponent is going to bring. I can’t study tape or anything and I don’t usually know who my opponent will be so I have to stay sharp in all areas.
PMN: Right now you are focused on boxing and possibly kickboxing. Could there possibly be MMA debut in your future?

McRoberts: There is definitely some room for that. I would definitely have to work on my ground game before I get in to that. I mostly just want to focus on boxing and possibly kickboxing.
PMN: You are still young, only 17, how do you handle the pressure of competing?

McRoberts: I just mentally prepare myself really well beforehand. I like to think of my matches as a hard sparring match. I don’t really focus on the thought of losing.
PMN: What do you like to do for fun?

McRoberts: I like to sleep and jog a little bit. I also love to watch boxing matches with Rob.
PMN: Earnie, the most recent addition to your gym, is your main training partner. How have you benefited from him since he joined the gym?

McRoberts: It’s great because we both push each other. We have become really great friends through boxing. He also weighs more than me so that helps me get ready for matches against guys my size.
PMN: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me

McRoberts: No problem!


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