Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira career winding down, retirement in 2015?

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
If there was a fighter who looked much older than they actually are, it’s  Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. “Minotauro” has been in some epic battles throughout his career and the punishment has looked to take its toll on him. The 38 year old Brazilian has dropped back to back fights. He was submitted by Fabricio Werdum and followed that up by being knocked out by Roy Nelson. He talked to about the status of his career in a recent interview.

“I know I won’t fight forever.I’m focused on my gym’s business now. It’s a beautiful work, we have 9,000 students, 32 gyms. … I plan to end my career by the end of the next year, I believe. One more year. It’s until the point my body can handle.”

Nogueira has been successful in his career but hasn’t been the most active guy due to injuries and such. He fought twice in 2011, and only once a year from 2012- 2014. No fight has been lined up as of yet so it seems that streak will continue.

We all know the Brazilians can be tough on their fighters. Nogueira talked about their criticism and how hard they can be on fighters.

“You see Randy Couture’s career. He has two wins for each loss, and he’s treated like an idol. He’s Capitan American, national hero. I have four wins for each loss, and they say I have to retire. Brazilians are very critical, and I think it’s a bad mentality for the athlete.”

It seems he’s feeling some pressure from his native land but also thinks he still has some gas in the tank. What would you do if you had to step in his shoes? Retire? Push on?

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