Plus, Pyle and McGregor Interviews on UFC TONIGHT

LOS ANGELES, CA – On UFC TONIGHT, Kenny Florian and Karyn Bryant are joined in the studio by guest hosts Daniel Cormier and Brian Stann. They preview UFC FIGHT NIGHT: HENDERSON vs. DOS ANJOS and interview headliner Benson Henderson and Mike Pyle before their fights Saturday night. Plus, Helwani and Bryant add reports.

UFC TONIGHT Guest Host Daniel Cormier announcing a new fight: “Luke Rockhold and Lyoto Machida is being discussed. Both are very open to it. I’d like to propose that they fight on UFC on FOX in Phoenix or the Pay Per View with Weidman and Belfort.”

UFC TONIGHT Guest Host Brian Stann on how Dos Anjos should counter Benson Henderson: “He has to work lots of volume in against Henderson. He’s a great striker and scores great takedowns, but I don’t think he’ll be able to take Henderson down. He has to use lots of angles and keep up the volume. He’s a vicious kicker, to the head and body. He’s also got very good wrestling. He’s got to back Benson up. He has to dictate the pressure and also avoid the clinch. And he has to stop the takedown.”

UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian on Henderson’s recent improvements: “I’ve never seen Henderson this aggressive. He’s so dangerous in the clinch. He’s a sneaky good striker and he out-strikes his opponents. He has to fight from the clinch and use his size and strength. He has to throw leg kicks. And he needs to get the takedowns.”

Benson Henderson on if he’s trying to finish fights now: “Absolutely not. I’m going after a great performance. If I get a submission or knockout, of if a guy slips on a banana peel, I’ll take it. It’s all about having a good performance and getting your hand raised.”

Henderson on the threats his opponent Dos Anjos brings: “He’s most dangerous in his standup game. He’s best known for his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, but he’s been working on his striking and part of his late career resurgence has been because of his stand up. He’s very accurate and dangerous and has power in his hands.”

Henderson on if his goals are different from when he was the champion: “To be honest, it’s the same thing. I’m a man on a mission, whether it’s to get a belt and to keep a belt. I have a lot of crazy goals in my head. I’m always a man on a mission for something.”

Henderson on if he plans on cutting his hair anytime soon: “It can’t be cut for a little while. The wife doesn’t want it cut.”

VIDEO: Henderson Interview


VIDEO: Strikezone and Predictions: Henderson vs. Dos Anjos


Mike Pyle on having his opponent change and how he dealt with it: “I was already training for a fight. The bottom line was I was going to be in a fight Saturday night regardless of who it was.”

Pyle on what Jordan Mein brings to the fight: “He’s a great striker and dangerous on his feet. I have to be very alert and keep my eyes open and my eyes on the prize.”

Pyle on how he keeps improving: “You always learn by your mistakes. I’m always trying to improve and better myself. The people surrounding me, my coaches and teammates, have things to say and I listen. I absorb everything I can. I’m always working on flaws and trying to put it together on fight night.”

VIDEO: Pyle Interview


Stann on Bisping vs. Le: “For Cung Le, it’s a five-round fight. You have to go out there and get after Bisping early. Bisping is a cardio machine.”

Cormier on Bisping vs. Le: “This is a tough fight for Cung because normally he’s flat footed, trying to get off big punches and kicks. Bisping uses his footwork and his boxing to give guys like Cung problems. Michael isn’t known for his punching power and sometimes Cung can be hurt by big punchers. That will allow him to go forward and get off those big punches against Bisping.”

Florian on Bisping vs. Le: “People forget about Cung’s wrestling background. He’s a guy you don’t want tie up with the upper body. He can throw you. If Bisping wants to take him down, he should go for those leg attacks. But he’s got to be careful because he’s a good southpaw.”

UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on Rockhold vs. Machida: “I spoke to a source close to Machida and he says anytime, anywhere. They love that fight. The might book it in Brazil in November.”

Helwani on Gray Maynard’s future: “Gray Maynard still wants to fight. He’ll go to South Dakota and go through a number of tests and make sure he’s healthy.”

VIDEO: Inside The Octagon


Conor McGregor on his relationship with other fighters: “For me it’s all these little featherweights who are crying like girls – why is he getting the headliner in his hometown? Why is he getting on the best card of the year? For me, I’m in shape 24/7, 365 days a year, and I show up for fights. I don’t freeze, I come forward and I put people away. I know myself and they know who the new king is. There’s a new king in town.”

McGregor on his fight in Ireland: “It was the best UFC event in history in atmosphere-wise. Now it’s on to Vegas on September 27, Dustin Poirier and I’ll put him away in one round and move on the crusade of eliminating this whole featherweight division one by one.”

McGregor on Poirier: “I have nothing against him. He’s a nice, humble hillbilly kid from a back town, but I have nothing against the guy. He has nothing for me. Coming against me, it’s not going to be a good night for him. When he wakes up with his nose plastered on the other side of his face, he’ll realize this is the next level guy. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what they think.”


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