5 ways to make the WWE’s US title relevant


The US title is currently around the waist of Sheamus and quite honestly it has the same value as wearing a nice watch right now. It is an accessory only and has absolutely no value except to Sheamus fans. Hardcore fans see it is a step down and an announcement that, “Hey you’re a hard worker but not championship material so here’s a sucker and a sticker kid. God job”.

Here are 5 ways to make it meaningful once again.

5. Make it the WWE Universe or Television Championship.

This has potential. The belt gets defended in a match type voted on by, you guessed it, the WWE universe. Since it is a relic of  WCW days past it seems to get no love at all from WWE creative. This is one way to make it meaningful. I personally really like the next idea.

4. Rusev wins and renames it the Russian Championship.

Imagine the immense amount of boos showered on Lana and Rusev when they announce the renaming. Just picture the real life outrage of fans when the Russian flag replaces the US flag on its face. This could blow Rusev sky high and his undefeated streak would be more than just the same old win 100 matches, lose, WWE creative is done with you, and now you’re dancing with Brodus Clay. See Tensai for possible Rusev future. The reformation of the Russian Championship to the US Championship would bring a tear to hardcore fans eyes if done right.

3. Have it defended weekly and in title matches only

So many champions lose week in and week out in non title matches making them look very weak and confusing fans. A champion should defend at all times. Imagine Jon Jones fighting in a non title match. See how stupid that sounds WWE?

2. Put it on someone other than Sheamus who is a dynamic wrestler. Maybe make it a Cruiserweight only belt.

Sheamus is not ever going to be top tier in the WWE. His look, limited speaking skills, and sluggish bruiser style doesn’t fit with the major titles and fan expectations for title holders. The IC title is possibly a better fit for a brawler, but we do not suggest taking it off of a very talented and deserving Dolph Ziggler.

They need something exciting that is different than just another title on TV. Cruiserweight style wrestlers could make this one count and bring back one of the reasons the WCW was winning the Monday night wars.

1. Retire it or merge it with the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Let’s face it. The Intercontinental title used to be the belt to have. It was fought over by the Rock and Steve Austin in their famous feud and it meant something. It had value. The US Championship was always the less than desirable belt to have in the WCW. It was basically another way to try and legitimize wrestlers who couldn’t get over with the fans just like it is now.

They can’t make Sheamus WWE champion because that would fail harder than it did before the first time they tried it. They can’t make Sheamus the IC champ because it would mean the same as the US belt does now, next to nothing.

Let’s face it the hierarchy is pretty much World Title, IC title, Tag Team Titles, and the US championship. Maybe it really is time for it to go.