IMG_5717-WSOF-Jacob2OneFly-WMThree time UFC heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski, returned from a media tour in Brazil last week. He was there to promote  his upcoming fight with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. They will collide in the main event at UFC Fight Night 51 next month in Brasilia, Brazil. Fresh from practice, Arlovski took some time out of his evening to chat about Brazil, his training and what keeps him going in this crazy sport.

PMN: So you just got back from your media tour in Brazil, you’ve fought all over the world, how did Brazil stack up?

AA: To be honest I only had four good meals. It was rough. In the mornings they had buffets but other than that it was good to be back home. 

PMN: What’s the biggest difference in the Andrei Arlovski of today and the man that fought Antonio Silva back in 2010.

AA: I am at Jackson’s now. I went there and it happened at the right time and the right circumstances. I went to Albuquerque to build my career. I knew I would learn and do better or get my ass kicked and go back to Chicago.   

PMN: You’ve been able to stay relevant and stay pushing forward when a lot of the people you have fought have not. What is it that drives you?

AA: I do what I love to do. It’s easy. Also the fans. I went on a four fight losing streak and my real fans stood by me. I always take time for pictures or autographs with them. I love them. 

PMN: You admitted to being nervous before your fight with Brendan Schaub. Are you the type that usually gets nervous and do you think you will be for your fight with Bigfoot?

AA: When people would say they got nervous I thought it was ridiculous. It was different in my last fight. As for this fight I don’t think I will be nervous. There will be 10,000 Brazilians there so it might be good or it might be bad. (laughs)

PMN: Your teammates like to go out to the desert and shoot guns, as former law enforcement do you still enjoy popping off a few rounds?

AA: Of course. While I was in Brazil I was with some police from Sao Paulo and I went to training and then went to the range. They said they would be cheering for me so I know I will have at least six fans in Brazil. 

PMN: Your dog has been getting some attention these days, how’s he doing?

AA: He’s a bigger star than me I think! You know he’s really hit the jackpot. He’s great though. 

PMN: Thank you so much for your time. It was a pleasure. Any sponsors you want to show some love to?

AA: Thank you it was fun. I’d like to thank my sponsors MateFitWellskor4DN & 1LAW.


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