war machine in court
The police are still searching for War Machine following the allegations of assault on  what is believed to be porn star girlfriend Christy Mack and another subject. He’s been released from Bellator, facing charges and more than likely heading back to prison yet he took to his Twitter account earlier to vaguely explain what happened.

If you are not familiar with the story check out what’s happening here.


How sad right? he was gonna pop the question and make an honest woman out of Mack. Did he start the fight though? Could it be self defense he is alluding to?


It would be hard to give him fair play considering his list of priors. Let’s be honest, his options are limited on to what he can do. Yes I think we can all agree it is heartbreaking as Mack lay in a hospital bed.


There is always two sides to every story. The relationship between the two was rocky at times and is well documented. Who could the man be he is talking about? The situation is very strange but War Machine is going to have a very rough time explaining all of this.

What do you think happened? Heard any good rumors about it? Sound off in the comments.



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