I love this. I laugh at every piece of these videos.

In the world of religious drama there are some incredible set pieces like the resurrection, sermon on the mount, and Noah’s ark. Then, well then there are these guys who claim to have supernatural abilities and that they are filled with the holy spirit. By holy spirit we assume they mean steaming, stinking piles of grade A bull crap.

At PMN, we love BS exposure as do our friends at Bullshido. Want proof? I recently put together this video of brainwashed martial arts students getting manipulated and knocked out with “chi”  whammies by fraudulent martial arts masters to the Benny Hill theme song.

Benny Hill themed martial arts frauds

This….this takes the proverbial cake. It’s unreal what people will believe in. Here is a cleverly edited mix Street Fighter video game images and sounds, and  Christian holy spirit handlers.

Hadouken! Ministers knocking out everyone.

Christians, the hell you say?! Fine, here’s an Islamic version. No one is safe from parody anymore. Even terrorists laugh at this. “A la la la la la!!!! We’re going to cut off your…oh, wait this is funny”.

Islamic insanity

Check out Joe Rogan and Bas Rutten talking about cultist / brainwashed martial artists. They call out ‘ninjas” and the “I go blank” guys here. They also call out the “MMA has rules” guys. Classic stuff.

Bas Rutten goes insane on the topic of fake martial artists

Here is a video specifically targeting mass cult leader Benny Hinn.

Benny Hinn

Watch how easily people are fooled. The coconut reveal is the best part.

Finally our favorite videos of all time. The exposures of  Tom Cameron and his instructor George Dillman. These are the two most notorious practitioners of the “no touch” knockouts.

Tom Cameron

George Dillman

We hope that these make your day!

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