Vic Drakulich gets fed up, waves off Rios-Chaves fight in the 9th round

Boxing baby! It was a crazy series of events on Saturday night when Brandon Rios fought Diego Chaves. So before the fight started, Chaves didn’t even know if he could make it into the country. Some paperwork problems kept him guessing until the last minute. Upon arrival and the start of the fight, it got crazy.

Referee Vic Drakulich wasn’t in the mood for shenanigans. He took a point away from Chaves in the third round for holding. The fifth round saw Drakulich take a point for Rios for tackling Chaves. The very next round Drakulich was getting mad and frustrated at the antics going on and threatened to stop the fight when both men were warned about head butting. Crazy right? It gets better.

Chaves lost another point in the eight round for pushing his glove into Rios’ face. Drakulich was just about tired of the mess and in the ninth round he stopped it after both men crashed to the mat. Well he didn’t stop it immediately but in the video above after Rios spewed some choice words he waved it off.


Photo  Credit : Chris Farina РTop Rank


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  1. Vic Drakulich should be banned from boxing forever. Boxing does not need assholes like him in the ring. Boxing has enough assholes to deal with to worry about sorry refs that don’t know what the hell they are doing!!! Fire Vic’s sorry dumb ass!!!!!!!

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