Monday WWE news round-up: Fantasy Camps, Hulk vs. Cena, and combined shows again?


WWE recently offered a survey to fans to gauge interest in attending a potential WWE Fantasy Camp held at their Performance Center in Orlando.

Check out package #1:

* Unprecedented access to the WWE Performance Center amenities
* Observe an NXT promo class taught by Dusty Rhodes
* See what it takes to become a WWE Superstar by watching a training session with NXT Coaches
* Meet NXT Superstars/Coaches and WWE Legends
* Attend a private live event at the WWE Performance Center
* Take home WWE Performance Center merchandise

Check out the “Deluxe” package:

* Everything mentioned in the first package
* Ringside seating at a NXT TV taping
* Create your own promo video
* Get schooled on Superstar entrances, ring announcing, managing and other skills
* Participate in photo-ops and experience the inside of a ring
* Participate in promo competitions, scavenger hunts, trivia contests and competitive group events
* Have dinner with WWE Legends

Obviously for insurance reasons, there would be no physical involvement and the event would be limited to only 40 fans required to be over the age of 18. The VIP packages would be split into groups of  just 10 so the fans would get a more private experience and their money’s worth if you will.

WWE mentioned that a possible cost would be a steep $7,500 for the 3 night, 2 day VIP experience.

Possible stars that would be featured include Hulk Hogan, Bill DeMott, Road Dogg, Sgt. Slaughter, Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Gene Okerlund, Kevin Nash, Jimmy Hart, Eve Torres, Bob Backlund, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Rotunda, Pat Patterson, Billy Gunn, Terry Taylor, Booker T, William Regal, Eugene, Shawn Michaels and Dean Malenko.


It looks like the WWE Network money woes have taken aim at the way we will watch WWE programming again. Remember how bad the brand extensions sucked? Well, now that is a possibility again and we may be forced to endure the draft again if things do not improve. The ideal situation would be to reduce RAW to two hours and use some of the matches to piece together a Smackdown product. No excuses about bad Smackdown shows then with that much time to edit it. Maybe we will finally get to see Shane McMahon back on TV? His presence and charisma are noticeably missing. Most likely they are referring to recording Smackdown and RAW at the same time and replacing Smackdown that week with some kind of WWE documentary that has already been released, or probably a shameless two hour plug of the WWE Network. reported the following this morning.

Due to the ongoing budget cuts and WWE looking to cut $30 million in 2015, officials have had talks about bringing back the combined RAW and SmackDown “Supershow” tapings next year.

In addition to more roster and office cuts, it’s said that WWE will likely cut back on WrestleMania pyrotechnics next year. WrestleMania 31 will be an outdoor show at Levi’s Stadium and starts at 4pm on the West Coast so less pyro would be expected anyway.

Now for some really interesting news:

john cena headshot



247px-Hulk_Hogan reader Paul Miller sent word that a nice sized crowd showed up at iPlay America in New Jersey on Saturday for a Hulk Hogan Uncut event, which laster just under an hour.

Paul said that Hulk’s long time manager Jimmy said Hogan would be appearing on RAW in the next few weeks, but then stopped short of saying when. It doesn’t really make sense since Hogan has already been announced for the August 11th RAW.

The biggest news coming out of the event was apparently Hogan saying he’s in training for one more match in WWE, and it’s no surprise that John Cena. Hogan has been gushing over Cena in interviews recently, and called Cena the “greatest WWE Champion of all-time”. 

The biggest potential issue is that Hulk can’t even perform his patented leg drop maneuver anymore and his body isn’t really in the best of conditions. Cena has been known to put on some good matches, but with his limited skillset or “3 moves of doom” the match could be a straight up stinker if he has to carry it.



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