This is a brand new list of brutal finishers actively crushing opponents in the WWE. We have ranked all three current individual champions as well as some of the most effective and dangerous wrestlers in the business. Do you agree with our assessment?

#10 The Miz – Skull Crushing Finale
The intercontinental champion need not worry about damage to his money maker when he crushes his opponents with this sneak attack. Good enough for #10 on our list.

#9 Dean Ambrose – Dirty Deeds Headlock Driver
The lunatic fringe would like nothing more than to catch Seth Rollins in this devastating finisher. High nastiness factor helps place it at #9 on our list.

#8 Sheamus – Brogue Kick
The Celtic Warrior loves to fight fella. He will kick your teeth straight down your throat. Maybe underrated at #8.

#7 Seth Rollins – Blackout Curb Stomp
Mr. Money in the Bank has finished many opponents with one smooth stomp. Climbing the ranks fast at #7. 

#6 Bray Wyatt – Sister Abigail
With the help of his family no one escapes the kiss. Devastating enough to rank #6 on our list.

#5 Roman Reigns – Spear
Reigns’ experience as a former professional football player really shows when crushes his opponents with this brutal move. Good enough to make the top 5.

#4 Chris Jericho – Code Breaker
Jericho has managed to stay on top of the WWE for years, and the development of the code breaker has been a big help. Devastating finishing move that easily ranks #4 on our list.

#3 Brock Lesnar – F5
The Beast Incarnate has one of the most impressive finishers of all time, just ask the Undertaker.

#2 John Cena – AA
John Cena uses the AA as show of incredible strength and athletic ability. He is able to finish anyone, no matter how big, with this classic finish. Definately #2 on our list.

#1 Randy Orton – RKO
The Viper can strike with his finisher anytime, anywhere, on anyone. The RKO is our number 1 finisher in the WWE today.

By Teddy Turnbuckle

Teddy Turnbuckle was the very first Heavyweight Mid-South Backyard Wrestling and Trampoline Wrestling Champion from the early 80's. His name is still only uttered in whispers. The color of his aura is danger. Legend.

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