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In wrestling there are mic workers who excel and then there’s Fandango. Of all of the wrestling promos cut over the years these are five of the worst. By the end of this video list you will see what I mean and you will be be able to speak about what’s good and what’s terrible.

1. Hulk Hogan challenges Ric Flair to a WTF, are you serious bro, “Yapapi” strap match. This was when Hogan was still cutting old school promos in the modern era.

2. Jumping Jeff Farmer stinks up the joint…bad. The stench of this promo hangs somewhere over the arena to this day.

3. Here it is. THE legendary promo featuring a bloody Zandig from CZW wrestling. In this promo it is obvious that meth, cocaine, uppers, downers, tweeners, and heroin are all in his system at the same time. Remember this line forever and you’re welcome – JjjjJJJeeeEEEEzzzzzzZZZuuuuUUUSSSS!

4. Dear lord, when I watch wrestling could you please provide us with a promo from two lumberjacks that starts to get worse as the seconds tick by. *POOF* Thank you God.

5. Lex Luger craps all over the mic and camera with this botched promo. Complete with forgotten lines, repeated words, and shirts getting stuck on heads.

How long will you remember this list? Just ask Terry Funk in one of the most awkward moments in wrestling history. After an emotional promo Terry Funk gets caught up in the moment and we get caught in an endless loop of one word.

Honorable Mentions:

Miz jacks up an easy plug for some WWE Diva voting thing.

Macho Man Raps about Lex Luger with MOM, Men on a Mission.

FINALLY, Sid Vicious asks the question that all of you are asking after watching all the way to the end of this list.

In case you missed the first 100 times, here is a funny Vince McMahon looking at a bodybuilder mash-up.

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