So Chael Sonnen has been at the center of the PED discussion this week and has faced up to his transgressions in front of the NSAC. He’s suspended from MMA but he’s still on track to make his Metamoris debut.Ralek Gracie talked to Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten on Inside MMA to explain why he is still being allowed to compete.

“If you are on steroids you are going to run out of strength, you are gonna run out of energy faster… With 20 minute rounds in Metamoris my stance has been lets see this guys go in there and see what they have to offer”

Gracie goes on to say that people are giving them trouble about having Chael in the competition. That being said, Sonnen has to face a top notch jiu jitsu player in Andre Galvao.

Can Sonnen last 10 minutes let alone 20 minutes on the mat with Galvao?


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