RFA 16
A new champion will be crowned tonight in Broomfield, CO as Josh Copeland will meet Jan Jorgensen in the main event with the inaugural heavyweight title on the line. The oddsmaker see Jorgensen as the favorite but don’t tell that the the fans showing up in droves to watch “Cuddly Bear” Copeland fight.

The women will once again be highlighted tonight as hometown girl Maureen Riordon makes her professional debut against Marion Reneau. The card is stacked and we are locked in to see the action.



  • Jorge Dominguez def. Dalton Goddard by unanimous decision 
  • Joe Guerrero def. Terry Van Hoosear by unanimous decision 
  • Dante Florez def. Zach McChesney by unanimous decision
  • Darrell Flores def. Mitch Petersen by submission (keylock) Rd. 2 1:35
  • Danny Mainus def. Ian Connelly by submission (armbar) Rd. 1, 3:04

Main Card (AXS TV)

  • Sid Bice def. Eric Shelton by Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3)
  • Marion Renau def. Maureen Riordon by submission (armbar) Rd. 1, 4:15
  • Boston Salmon def. Zac Chavez by TKO (Strikes) Rd. 1, 4:47
  • Chris Heatherly def. Josh Cavan by submission (guillotine) Rd. 2, 3:20
  • Jarred Mercado def. Daniel Swain by Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3)
  • Josh Copeland def. Jan Jorgensen by Knockout  Rd. 1, 4:49


Play By Play

Flyweight- Sid Bice vs. Eric Shelton

Round 1: No touch and here we go. Bice throws a jab to start the action. Follows it up with a combo. Swing and miss by Shelton. Inside leg kick from Shelton. Bice controlling the cage and coming forward. Bice with a round kick. Shelton looking for room as he circles. Shelton with an uppercut. Shelton looking for a takedown but can’t get it. Back to the middle as Bice goes for and gets his own take down. Shelton maybe looking for a triangle choke. He gets picked up and slammed but holds the choke in. With 90 seconds to go Bice escapes. Shelton looking to get to his feet.  He gets a big knee to the body. Shelton gets top position but they scramble back to their feet. Shelton gets the takedown and probably just won the round with it. PMN sees it 10-9 Shelton.

Round 2: Shelton swings and misses to start the round. Bice shoots but can’t get anything. Bice gets a single leg and takes Shelton down. Bice works the body of Shelton. Shelton ties him up and as Bice looks for posture. Bice finds some room and drops a left hand in. Bice starting to grind this out but Shelton is trying to land some strikes from the bottom. Shelton is stuck on his back. PMN sees it 19-19 after two.

Round 3: Both men trying to start the final round throwing some punches. Bice has great cage control. He keeps moving forward and Shelton backs away. They are reluctant to engage early. A groin kick stops the action. Shelton trying to be more active. Joe Warren calling for Bice to take Shelton down. Bice does as he’s told and has Shelton pushed down. Shelton on his back as Bice throws some shots but Shelton gets up. Shelton stuffs a takedown and gets Bice’s back. He’s trying to get a choke in but time is against him. Shelton is trying but can’t lock it in. Now there is 20 seconds left but Shelton can’t seem to get it in. Round over. Tough to call. Could go either way but my judging says Shelton 29-28.

Official Decision: Sid Bice def. Eric Shelton by Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3)

Bantamweight- Maureen Riordon vs. Marion Reneau

Round 1: No touch and the punches are flying. Riordon on her back and Reneau looking for room to throw some punches. Reneau with side control. She’s looking to pass. Riordon squirming. Elbows coming from Reneau. Marion on her feet and goes back in to side control. Riordon has no where to go. Reneau has mount and is looking for space to drop bombs. Riordon trying to hip escape. Reneau setting up an armbar. Oh nasty, Riordon’s face swelling bad. Renaue has the arm with a minute to go. Riordon says uncle and verbally submits.

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Official Result: Marion Renau def. Maureen Riordon by submission (armbar) Rd. 1,4:15

Bantamweight – Boston Salmon vs. Zac Chavez

Round 1: No touch and Chavez goes in for the single leg. Salmon trying to land some shots. Chavez not giving it up but is eating some elbows. Chavez finally gets Salmon on his back. Side control from Chavez. Salmon trying to get up. Salmon to his feet and Chavez goes for a single leg and then a double but he’s taking some damage with elbows. Big knee from Chavez. Another single leg attempt then double but gets a big elbow. Salmon banging those elbows into the side of Chavez’s head. Chavez is relentless with the takedown attempt. Chavez may be in trouble. Front kick drops Chavez and Boston Salmon unloads from the top.  Referee steps in and waves this off.

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Official Result: Boston Salmon def. Zac Chavez by TKO (Strikes) Rd. 1, 4:47


Welterweight – Josh Cavan vs. Chris Heatherly

Round 1: Touch of gloves. Kick from Heatherly. He gets a takedown and goes to side control. Cavan on his feet but Heatherly on his back. Heatherly lands a shot. Heatherly just hanging out on the back of Cavan. He’s sneaking in shots and going for a choke. Cavan trying to shake the man they call Stump. He gets him off his back . Wow. Heatherly gets the back of Cavan again. This has to be tiresome. Less than a minute to go. Cavan maybe trying to get Heatherly’s back but can’t.  Rounds over. PMN Scores it 10-9 Heatherly.

Round 2: Front kick to the lead leg of Cavan from Heatherly. Heatherly dips under a punch from Cavan. Heatherly gets a double leg and dumps Cavan down. Cavan gets the back of Heatherly breiefly. Cavan swinging. Right hand from Cavan. He gets Heatherly against the fence and lands some shots. Cavan gets Heatherly down and lands some knees to the body. Heatherly on his feet. Knees from Cavan. He sneaks in an elbow. Heatherly slowed way down but gets up and lands a big shot. Guillotine from Heatherly and Cavan taps out! Great fight.


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Official Result: Chris Heatherly def. Josh Cavan by submission (guillotine) Rd. 2, 3:20

Co-Main Event – Daniel Swain vs. Jarred Mercado

 Round 1: Mercado comes out the aggressor. The fight hits the mat early and Swain is looking to get Mercado’s back. Swain maybe looking for an arm bar. Swain warned about getting his toes in the cage. Fight staying on the ground. Hmm. How do you judge this? Let’s say 10-9 Mercado.

Round 2: Takedown attempt from Mercado. Nothing doing. Swain pushes Mercado against the fence and lands a big knee. Crowd gasps, shows their alive. Mercado gets a takedown. Looks alot like Round 1. Working the ground here as Mercado is on top. Swain is stuck like chuck here. Mercado staying active but not causing damage, Swain just laying there. Mercado up 20-18 after 2.

Round 3: Swain active early. Stalemate. Mercado trying for a takedown but Swain isn’t having it. Mercado on the ground. Swain taking over. Triangle choke locked in? Swain drops some elbows to the head of Mercado. Where was this the first 2 rounds? Mercado survives and escapes. Blood on the canvas, probably from the elbows of Swain. Only 30 seconds left. Swain dominates this round but too little too late. We score it  29-28 for Mercado.

Official Decision: Jarred Mercado def. Daniel Swain by Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3)

Main Event – Josh Copeland vs. Jan Jorgensen for vacant heavyweight title

Round 1: Big guys are moving. Over hand right from Copeland. Copeland unloading early. Jorgensen escapes and delivers a shot of his own. Copeland growling?! Jorgensen cut. Right hand by Copeland. Joregensen lands a combination. Copeland landing shots. Jorgensen moves forward. Big right hand from Copeland. Jorgensen hurting but hanging tough. Right from Copeland. Left jab from Copeland. Jorgensen clinches and Copeland sneaks a knee in. Copeland putting his punches together nicely. Two big right hands puts Jorgensen against the fence. Knee from Copeland. A couple left hands land. Copeland dominating. We’ve seen some comebacks tonight but this will be tough. Nevermind Copeland connects and finishes the fight!

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Official Result: Josh Copeland def. Jan Jorgensen by Knockout  Rd. 1,4:49

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