Dragonwolf is an action film about two hit men who grew up together. Mozart and Julius both grew up in the slums and resorted to a life of violence to escape it. Both Mozart and Julius meet the same woman at a charity event. She and Julius begin a relationship but she quickly falls for Mozart. The woman ends up dead and the rest of the movie consists of Mozart and Julius trying to kill each other.

First of all, the acting in this movie is just flat out bad. It sounds like English is a second language for most of these people so their lines come off as robotic. The writers of this movie also deserve some of the blame. The script is subpar at best, with some awful lines. The acting would have been much better if the actors had spoken their native language. Editing in this movie also could use some work. Certain scenes did not match up well with other scenes and some of the camera angles were not very good.

This movie had a TON of potential, but the execution was poor. The fight scenes were one of the few bright spots in the film. Lots of different martial arts were incorporated and it is very visually satisfying. Overall the movie left me disappointed. I can’t help but wonder about how much better the movie could have been.

I give Dragonwolf 2 out of 5 stars.


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