EA Sports UFC dropped on June 17th and had some weird bugs and flaws. That and it also omitted several fighters including the now UFC bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw. Today the first patch was implemented and some things have been fixed and some familiar faces added. This patch is now available and free of charge to owners of the game.

The first thing notable is that three fighters have been added to the gameplay. Tyron Woodley, Takeya Mizugaki and Dillashaw. Here is a list of the features that have been fixed or added. 

  • Stamina: Stamina no longer regenerates if the user holds block. The user will also take a larger stamina penalty if hit while weak blocking.
  • Sweep Defense: The dominant fighter in the Full Guard position now has a larger window to reverse the Full Guard sweep to Mount.
  • Touch Gloves: Users will now have the ability to manually make their fighter touch gloves (or choose not to touch gloves) before beginning to fight by pressing L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox One. This can be done at the start of every round, or anytime the ref stands the fighters up.
  • Finish the Fight: During a knockout, the attacking fighter can jump on their downed opponent and “finish the fight” by delivering extra strikes as the knockout occurs.
  • Sprawls: The defending fighter now sprawls when successfully defending against a power takedown.
  • Clinch Break from the Cage: Fighters now have the ability to break out of a clinch when pressed against the fence by pressing the L3 button.
  • Power Takedowns and Sweeps: Power takedowns and side control sweeps have been removed from fighters who would not normally have them.


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