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Photo by Joey Krebs for

Since I hear a lot of people talking about Ronda all the time, I thought I’d help you frame your discussion a little bit when you talk about her getting beat. Here’s why its not going to happen and why she’ll retire undefeated.

Here are the facts…

In order to beat Ronda Rousey you need the following things:

1. You need to weigh 135 lbs.

2. You need to be a WORLD CLASS athlete

3. You need to have a quality fighting record with at least 8 fights

4. You need to be able to stop her takedowns

and most importantly…

5. You need a UFC Contract

And right now there’s nobody on the planet that meets that criteria that can beat Ronda in the timeframe in which she is going to retire.  But the longer she hangs around the sport, the more of a likelihood she has of getting beat. But that likelihood is so low that it’s not even measurable.

And she doesn’t have to be the best in the world, although she is. She just has to be the best in the world with that criteria. And, she most certainly is.

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