Sting all but confirms his appearance on next week’s RAW


WCW legend and wrestling icon Sting posted a cryptic tweet earlier today with just a date.

“7.7.14” – @sting

Did Sting sign with WWE? Is he going to wrestle for the company for the first time in his historic career?

July 14th is a Monday and rumors have been stronger than ever this year pertaining to a potential WWE debut. Sting has always been the one that got away so to speak for WWE wrestling fans. He is the one wrestling legend that deserved a solid run in the flagship promotion and his induction in to the hall of fame would have so much more meaning to the fans.

Imagine Sting vs. anyone next year at Wrestlemania. Sting wrestles one final match, one last time he laces up his boots before retiring as one of the greatest superstars in pro wrestling history. The crowd would be electric, especially if his opponent was the Undertaker. Ideal scenario, both men are unable to answer the 10 count. Everyone wins.

Sting has made it clear in the past that his reasoning for not signing was more directed at the product the WWE was putting out there at the time WCW went under. It was the attitude era full of cursing, some nudity, and beer drinking. Since Steve Borden, the man who plays Sting is a Christian he did not want to be associated with this kind of product. He stayed in TNA wrestling for a long time which drove hardcore fans nuts.

We’re in the PG era now and it is prime time to sign “The Stinger” to a contract. I am a huge Sting fan and this would be amazing.