rousey vs tate-ea sports ufcAs UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey prepares to defend her title for a fourth time on Saturday at UFC 175, the judo Olympian explained to Fox Sports what she thinks her opponent, Alex Davis’ biggest weakness is:

“Alexis’ primary weakness I would probably say is her speed. I feel like she’s an extremely durable fighter, she has a high pace when she fights and she’s very versatile in her striking and on the ground. But I think that because she has that style to maintain the same pace throughout the entire fight… there’s a difference between having a high pace and being fast. And I guess you kind of have to be a fighter to really know the distinction that I’m talking about.”

I would say that’s a damn good assessment of the situation. For a true look at what SPEED in the Octagon looks like, take a look at Rousey’s UFC 175 open workout video.

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