Metamoris Founder Ralek Gracie has released the following statement regarding Chael Sonnen, his recent failed drug tests, and his participation in the upcoming Metamoris 4 event being held August 9th in L.A.

metamoris statement sonnen

Sonnen’s involvement in the event is (was?) quite a boon for the grappling community, and it would definitely suck for the promotion to have to remove him. We’re just now starting to get PED’s under control in MMA, and if Ralek Gracie and Co. wants Metamoris to continue to evolve as a legitimate professional sporting event, it would make sense at some point they’re going to have to make sure the playing field is even when it comes to PED use. Being realistic about Metamoris’ situation and capabilities at the moment, and considering BJJ is not regulated by state athletic commissions the way MMA is, it seems unlikely they could effectively test for PED’s at this point in their development. So in that case, their statement, I would say, is appropriate. And I will be watching.

Do you agree? Why or why not?

It is interesting they are in effect saying, it doesn’t matter what kind of PED’s Chael is taking, Andre Galvao is going to destroy him.

In addition to Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao, Metamoris 4 will also feature Josh Barnett vs. Dean Lister, and several other matches. Check out the full line-up and awesome trailer here.

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