The-Raid-2-Mosaic-PosterThe Raid 2 is a crime-thriller and sequel to the 2012 action packed hit The Raid: Redemption. I’ll try to hit the main plot points without any spoilers. The movie picks up right where the first one leaves off, with Rama being asked to join an anti-corruption task force.

He is implanted into prison in an attempt to get close to a mob boss’s son. What ensues after the first few scenes is nothing short of mayhem. Rama dispatches foe after foe in some of the best choreographed fights I’ve seen in a long while!

The fight scenes were absolutely perfect. They were the perfect mix of almost impossible and down to earth. The story was also very well crafted. Many interesting characters and plot twists keeps you guessing.

The cherry on top of all of this was the final fight scene between Rama and ‘The Assassin’. This scene was by far one of the best fight scenes I have seen. It included many styles of martial arts, some knife play, and this fight scene was long and beautifully choreographed.

Overall this movie was a pleasant surprise! Lots of action and a good story make The Raid 2 worth watching. The only downside was the cheesy voiceovers, but that can’t really be helped.

Take a look at The Raid 2 trailer below:

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