Former WWE star blasts Kofi Kingston on Twitter *UPDATED


Former WWE Superstar Trent Baretta tweeted about the recent, previously reported WWE releases , taking a shot at Kofi Kingston yet again.

“Shoulda been Kofi.”

He also sent a message directly to the released talent.

“Fired friends. If you love wrestling you’re about to have the most fun ever.”

This isn’t the first time trent Baretta has attacked Kofi on Twitter. You may Back in 2013 Baretta tweeted this about Kofi:

“Now that I’m fired I can finally say it: Kofi Kingston is an asshole.”

– UPDATED – Apparently, former WWE star Trent Baretta and Kofi Kingston are really friends and Trent’s jab earlier was a friendly one. Baretta clarified on Twitter:

“Hey the internet. Kofi stuff isn’t real….”

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