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LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes are from tonight’s FOX SPORTS LIVE UFC FIGHT NIGHT: HENDERSON VS. KHABILOV postfight coverage on FOX SPORTS 1. The show was hosted by Jay Glazer, with Gilbert Melendez, Dominick Cruz and Michael Bisping as analysts.

UFC ON FOX Analyst Dominick Cruz on Henderson’s victory over Rustam Khabilov: “It was a competitive fight from the start. You could see Henderson was making it awkward for Khabilov. Benson knew he had to stay composed and got back to his feet every time he was taken down by Khabilov. Benson then kept the pressure on. When you pressure people, they tend to make mistakes. I think what he was doing was taking away Khabilov’s strongest attributes and then took advantage of it. He never panicked and never looked tired. He stayed composed, kept the pressure on, and broke Khabilov.”

UFC ON FOX Analyst Michael Bisping on Henderson’s victory: “He saw the opportunity and took it. He showed people why he’s one of the best. He attacked Khabilov’s strengths, his takedowns.”

UFC ON FOX Analyst Gilbert Melendez on Henderson’s experience playing a role in the victory: “You could see Khabilov was losing steam through the fight. Benson got taken down, but he was never controlled at all. He kept taking the fight to Khabilov and if things didn’t go his way, it didn’t faze him. He was in control even when he wasn’t in control, if you understand that.”

Bisping on Khabilov’s loss: “Khabilov is not going to lose any traction in the ratings. There was no shame tonight. He’s still young in the UFC.

Benson Henderson on if he felt pressure taking a fight with a fighter ranked lower than him: “I never felt it. I understood it was a low reward, high risk fight, with him ranked lower than I am. But that’s who I am, I’m a fighter. I fight. If someone says they want to fight me, I have no problem with that.”

Henderson on if he was happy getting his first finish in the UFC: “A finish is a finish. I don’t care about the finishes. It’s cool to get the submission, but I’m after good performances. That wasn’t too bad a performance.”

Henderson on who he wants to fight next: “I want to stay busy. I’m a fighter. That’s what I do. All those guys who would fight for the belt, send them to me instead. I’ll take them on.”

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Cruz on Diego Sanchez’s victory over Ross Pearson: “Everything was back and forth in this fight. Ross seemed to land the bigger shots, but Sanchez seemed to throw a little more. Maybe Ross needed to do a little more. Who knows what the judges were scoring? But I think Ross won. He looked sharper”

Bisping on how Sanchez scored the victory: “Everyone expected carnage in this fight, but it was a technical boxing match. Ross Pearson stayed in the pocket and landed the shots. He had him beaten to the punch every time. Ross was the better, crisper fighter, to me. I truly feel Ross won that fight, but you never let it go to the judges. You never know what they’re looking at. It was a close fight.”

Melendez on Pearson losing: “Pearson went into enemy territory and maybe he had to do more. Sometimes it’s about who won the scorecards, not always about who won the fight. But I think Ross won.”

Diego Sanchez on his victory: “The game plan was to land some big kicks, get some takedowns, and win on the ground. Obviously, that went out the window when I got in there with him. I wanted to knock him out and I wanted to give Albuquerque a knockout. I was confident I won the fight. I was putting pressure on him. When it goes to the judges, you never know.”

Sanchez on who he wants to fight next: “Nate Diaz, let’s do this in Mexico. Stop being a cry baby, crying about not getting enough money. Be a real fighter and fight because you love to fight, and fight me. See if you can hang with this.”

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John Dodson on his doctor’s stoppage victory over John Moraga: “I wanted to keep going. I was a little timid at the beginning of the fight. I knew Moraga would try to knock me out. But I was very disappointed. I feel like I cheated the fans.”

Dodson on if he did enough to earn a title fight: “I think I did. I said it before the fight: I had to decisively win this fight to get the title fight. I think I did enough”

Dodson if he’d do a rematch with Moraga because of the way it ended: “Yes, absolutely.”

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