jones vs gustafssonThe rematch between UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson is finally set. Part 2 will take place at UFC 178 set for Sept. 27 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

UFC officials confirmed the match-up late Thursday.

After a pretty crazy couple weeks of Jon Jones being accused of being a “coward” and ducking Gustafsson, and him posting a video saying he would rather fight Daniel Cormier next — then deleting it, Jones met with UFC brass on Thursday and hashed things out.

Jones explained:

“There was never an issue with a contract. I was traveling and finally got to Vegas and got to talk with Dana and Lorezno. We talked and September 27th, I’ll be fighting Gustafsson. I think Cormier is the tougher fighter, but the fans want to see me fight Gustafsson. There was never an issue with taking the Gustafsson fight. The issue was that my brother is getting married in July and I would have preferred a later date. I didn’t want to go this early and I would have preferred to go later in October or November. It is what it is. We have a date now, Sept 27th. This was a personal decision for me. I will be at my brother’s wedding and have a proper training camp.”

Jones also took to Instagram for yet another video — this time for a “is this what you guys wanted” speech? Hopefully he won’t delete it.

UFC President Dana White, who had previously outed Jones publicly on not wanting the rematch with Gustafsson, also commented:

“Obviously Jon is right, this if the fight the fans want to see. The great thing about this is, we get Jones vs Gustafsson, and if Jones beats Gustafsson, we get Jones vs Cormier. Two great fights in the light heavyweight division with three of the baddest guys in the world: the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world and champion Jon Jones, and the number one and two contenders.”

So how do you think Jones will fare against Gustafsson in the rematch? I re-watched their first fight yesterday and thought it was pretty clear Jones won that fight. I see no debate on that. Rogan’s commentary certainly could have influenced how people saw that first fight. I was fine with him fighting Cormier next. But I think we’re going to get to see that fight anyway, sooner or later. The way Jones handled Teixeira, it appears he just continues to get better and better. I think he’s going to finish Gustafsson this time around. Here’s a little preview of what just might happen.

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