Bas on Jon Jones “Everybody’s beatable”…

Bas Rutten gets a make-up touch-up on the set of Inside MMAJon Jones is a magnet for criticism and praise lately. In between talk of Jon ducking fights and talk of choosing who he wants to fight next – Bas Rutten magically appears and lays it out like it is on MMAJunkie radio. To put it plainly, Jones is a monster – but a beatable one.

“Jon is one of those guys who gets caught in an armbar, and this will probably never happen again now, because he’s the guy who goes back on Monday after the weekend and then he starts working on it so it will never happen again.”

Bas went on to say that despite the above it is very plausible that the seemingly invincible Jones is vulnerable just like everyone else.

“So it made him a better fighter. But I’m just saying, if it happened with an armbar, it might happen with something else. And if somebody’s really fast, they might slip something on. Everybody’s beatable. Mixed martial arts, there’s many ways to win, and that also means there are many ways to lose, as well.”

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