How to become a full-fledged Ninja | VIDEO

Following last night’s Bellator 120 Pay-Per-View, I came back to the hotel with a headache after getting way too loud music blasted in my ear (and flashing lights) for six straight hours in the arena. As I sat down to eat my double bacon cheeseburger from Steak n’ Shake, I flipped on the telly and this guy was on The Jerry Springer Show. Meet Diemon Dave aka the Kung-Fu Hillbilly. If you ever wanted to become a full-fledged Ninja, the Kung-Fu Hillbilly can show you the way. At most martial arts studios, when you sign up, you get a Gi, but at Diemon Dave’s school, a cape and headband is included.

Such techniques as how to use your can of Skoal as a ninja star is worth the price of classes alone! Where do I sign up?


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