A lesson for all the trolls out there on the interwebz: When you’re selecting a target for harassment, you probably shouldn’t pick undefeated boxer Deontay Wilder. Charlie Zelenoff selected Wilder as the person he wanted to troll, agreed to meet and fight, and ran for the door like a scared little squirrel – then got beat down.

The guy who got his face bashed in is Charlie Zelenoff — a wannabe fighter who’s been trolling Wilder for years with harassing phone calls and deeply personal jabs on social media. Wilder claims Charlie has not only hurled racial slurs at him — but also made disparaging comments about his young daughter, who was diagnosed with spina bifida.

Zelenoff had recently challenged Wilder to fight him at a boxing gym in L.A. — and Wilder, deciding enough was enough, met him at the Hollywood Boxing Gym late Wednesday night. Wilder tried to fight Zelenoff in the ring — but CZ threw a c heap shot and ran for the door

Now watch Charlie Zelenoff lose in embarrassing fashion in his pro boxing debut:

3 thoughts on “Internet troll challenges boxer, gets what he deserves”
  1. deontay hit him in his bald so hard he kept insisting he’s still the best hahaha… the best at what? running like a bitch then getting tagged? deontay took it easy on him, cause my little sister has better form

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