Give Matt Brown the next shot at the UFC welterweight title

matt brown_ufn40If the UFC’s job is to sell tickets and sell Pay-Per-Views, then Matt Brown needs to have the next shot at the welterweight title. The main event performance he put on against Erick Silva at UFC Fight Night 40 in Cincinnati Saturday night was one of the most exciting in recent memory.

Both Brown and Silva showed incredible toughness, but Brown’s ability to rebound from two kicks to the body that dropped him in round one was unbelievable to watch. And not only did he recover, but he ended up hurting Silva and winning the round. Brown then went on to win round two and stop Silva via TKO in round three.

Matt “The Immortal” Brown became a bona fide superstar at UFC Fight Night 40.

Here’s how the official 170-pound UFC rankings look at the moment:

Champion : Johny Hendricks
1 Robbie Lawler
2 Rory MacDonald
3 Tyron Woodley
4 Carlos Condit
5 Jake Ellenberger
6 Hector Lombard
7 Matt Brown

There’s no one on that list above Brown I’d rather see fight next for the title. He’s run through seven straight opponents and finished six of them. The heart, grit and just plain toughness he showed Saturday night against Erick Silva is nothing short of miraculous.

Brown’s boxing looked like the Diaz brothers, but with power. His wrestling and ability to threaten and defend on the ground make him incredibly well-rounded and dangerous wherever the fight goes.

I wish I was a gambler and would have taken advantage of his 2-to-1 underdog status.

Brown has been fighting in the UFC since 2008 but had mixed results prior to 2012 when he made some changes in his training camp and began to turn things around. Not only has he made what is possibly the biggest career turnaround in UFC history, he’s arguably the most exciting fighter on the UFC roster today.

UFC President Dana White should immediately be giving this guy the next shot at Johny Hendricks’ title. Brown did earn an extra $100,000 for Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night bonuses, now give him that shot at gold he deserves.


On a side note, how fun would it be to watch Matt Brown vs. Robbie Lawler or Matt Brown vs. Nick Diaz? Actually, any of those top 6 guys would be fun… but he deserves that title shot next in my opinion.

If you missed the Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva fight, check out these video highlights.


2 thoughts on “Give Matt Brown the next shot at the UFC welterweight title”

  1. Agreed…I’d give him a title shot as well….the way he just puts pressure on guys is unreal…and not to mention the way he strikes… with power and accuracy while without looking like he’s just winging strikes with reckless abandon…man…that fight was a JOY to watch….and props to Erick Silva…my God….his life meter will no longer goto 100%…it’s probably at like 89% now permanently.

    Oh..and I put some loot on Brown….:)

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