Dana White says Holm, Carano deals near and Cyborg is possibility

Cris Cyborg - MMA

“UFC Tonight aired on Wednesday and UFC President Dana White said that Gina Carano and Holly Holm are no longer an “if”, but “when”.   Finishing with, “Holly Holm and Gina Carano are all a matter of getting a deal done” 

He then addressed the possibility of Cyborg Santos competing in the UFC directly.

“We know all the issues we’ve had with ‘Cyborg,’ from the steroid stuff to the managers to we don’t even have that weight class, so I don’t even know when she would get into the UFC. I used to say never. I don’t say never anymore.”

What do you think the odds of Cyborg competing in the UFC? One thing is for sure the fight between she and Rousey would be a blockbuster of a buyrate.

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