Adam Nash: The real Memphis Grizzly?

V3 June 21st
There is never a dull moment whenever Adam “Grizzly” Nash is around.  On June 21, Memphis, TN may never be the same when Nash enters The Cannon Center for his professional MMA debut against hometown fighter, Jaleel Willis.  Nash currently trains at Alan Belcher MMA Club in Biloxi, MS but wanted everyone to know “The great people of Memphis will be citizens of a whole new ‘Grizzly Nation’ on June 21st.

Learn a little more about Nash and his feelings on his upcoming fight:

How did you get started in MMA?

I have been wrestling since I could stand.   I actually never crawled like a normal baby.   I bridged my way across the room.   As far as starting actual “MMA,” a few years ago I moved to Mississippi and got with Alan Belcher MMA Club.


You actually asked for this fight with Jaleel Willis.  How come and how do you feel going into this fight?

I can’t wait.  I’ve been asking for this fight since I first got in contact with V3.   I have always asked to fight the best that I can get, and Jaleel is at the top of that list.   It should be even more interesting now that we get to play with big boy rules.

You mentioned that you grew up wrestling.  Jaleel was a standout wrestler here in Tennessee.   You are from Ohio, which is known as a wrestling state.  How do you feel your wrestling matches up to his?

I feel like my wrestling is completely different than his.   He seems to use a lot of energy for slams and flashy takedowns.   I just want to control and lay and pray and maybe we can get into a weird position and they’ll tap to pure awkwardness.

Where do you feel you have the advantage in this fight?

I feel like I am better looking than almost any fighter in the world, with the exception of maybe Ben Parrish.   I would say my shorts would be so comfortable that they would be a difference maker, but we will both be wearing GameChanger.  So I believe we will be on equal ground.   The one advantage I have is no pressure.   If he beats me, then everybody says, “I told you so” and nothing changes.   But if I beat him, I may not make it out of Memphis.

What is your prediction on how the fight is going to end and in what round?

I predict we put on a fight of the night performance.   I anticipate nothing short of a war.  If it goes to the judges, I lose.   So I don’t know how it’ll happen, or when, but I’ll have to slay the monster before the end of the third round.


(Note) Adam is donating all profits made from his walkout shirt to Shriners Hospital.  He asks that everybody go and pick up the Adam “Grizzly” Nash best looking walkout shirt ever!!!!


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