TUF Nations Finale: Bisping vs Kennedy breakdown & predictions

TUF_Nations_Finale_event_posterThis Wednesday the Welterweight and Middleweight TUF Nations’ season winners will be decided on Fox Sports 1. Sheldon Westcott, Elias Theodorou, Chad Laprise, and Olivier Aubin-Mercier all fought their way through the TUF tournament and secured their spots in the finale. In the main event Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy will throw down after lots of trash talk from both sides. The TUF coaches, Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke, will fill the co-main event slot. Breakdown time!

Dustin Poirer vs Akira Corassani
Poirer is coming off of his tko win over Diego Brandao, while Corassani is coming off of a win via DQ after taking an illegal knee to the face against Maximo Blanco. Corassani is taking the fight on short notice, which is not a good idea against a fighter such as Poirer. Poirer shouldn’t have any trouble with Corassani, it should go the same way Poirer’s last fight went.

Result: Poirer wins via 1st rnd TKO

Chad Laprise vs Olivier Aubin-Mercier
Laprise brutally KO’d Kajan Johnson, while Aubin-Mercier choked out Richard Walsh. Laprise has more punching power than Aubin-Mercier but I give the edge in grappling to Aubin-Mercier. Laprise’s last KO is still stuck in my mind, so I’m gonna go with him on this one! Laprise becomes the Welterweight TUF Nations’ winner!

Result: Laprise wins via 2nd rnd TKO

Elias Theodorou vs Sheldon Westcott
Theodorou won all his fights on TUF by unanimous decision, while Westcott won all of his by submission. Theodorou has a stifling top game and great takedowns. I don’t think Westcott will be able to catch him off his back, which is where he will be for the majority of this fight. Theodorou is your TUF Nations’ Middleweight winner!

Result: Theodorou wins via unanimous decision

Kyle Noke vs Patrick Cote
Both of the TUF Nations’ coaches are coming off of wins. Noke tko’d Charlie Brenneman, while Cote decisioned Bobby Voelker. I believe the edge in striking belongs to Cote while Noke has better takedowns. Cote should look to avoid the ground with Noke, while Noke should try and take it to the ground. I don’t think Cote will be able to avoid Noke’s takedowns, and on top of that Noke’s striking has looked sharp lately.

Result: Noke wins via unanimous decision

Michael Bisping vs Tim Kennedy
This battle of the trash talkers is your main event. Bisping is coming off a technical decision win against Alan Belcher, while Kennedy knocked out Rafael Natal in his last fight. Tim Kennedy should be looking for the takedown in this fight. If he can’t get the fight to the ground, Bisping will pick him apart. Kennedy has some power in his strikes but his technique is not on the same level as Bisping’s. Bisping also seems to fight better when he is fired up, and Kennedy definitely did a good job of annoying “The Count”. After this fight Kennedy is going to wish he hadn’t talked so much.

Result: Bisping wins via unanimous decision

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