During a Twitter Q&A today, Triple H was asked if he ever considered MMA. While he said he respected what the MMA guys do, he does feel some of the story lines are silly.

Story lines? In MMA? But I thought it was all real? Just for kicks, lets try to think of some story lines that were silly…

Some of this Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen story line has been a bit silly. Remember this.

Remember, Chael vs. Jon Jones… okay, silly. Hmmm, I see a pattern developing here.

Tim Kennedy vs. Michael Bisping… that stuff has been pretty silly for sure. Bisping vs. Alan Belcher was silly.

Okay, your turn. Can you think of any other MMA story lines that were silly?

3 thoughts on “Triple H on MMA: ‘Sometimes the story lines are silly’”
  1. The only reason Triple H had a WWE career is directly related TO the story line. He isn’t that good of a wrestler to begin with. With level of talented wrestlers in the WWE, he is one the worst. Of course he would say something like that. He’d get wrecked in the UFC.

  2. MMA is just like wrestling…fake but it has its fans…although the wrestling story lines are as bad as MMA anymore

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