REALLY? Chris Benoit’s son: Dad deserves hall of fame *VIDEO*


Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son. He was a murderer. It doesn’t get any worse than that in life so why does his son David believe his father is worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame. Druggies, steroid users, adulterers, and wife beaters are in there. Should his unforgivable actions outside of the ring stop his induction in to the hall because of his tremendous in ring accomplishments? David thinks so.

David Benoit gives his first-ever interview with The Wrestling Gurus about WrestleMania XXX and various topics. He believes his father Chris Benoit should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He said we should focus more on the pros than the cons. He confirms he’s training for a pro wrestling career but would not want to go to TNA because everyone tells him it’s a bad place to work. He said WWE never gave his family the last paycheck his father earned.



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