FOX Sports 1 UFC Tonight Show Quotes – 4/2/14

UFC-Tonight-logoOn this week’s UFC TONIGHT, Insider Helwani interviews light heavyweight champ Jon Jones, heavyweight contender Travis Browne and middleweight Tim Kennedy.

UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian on a potential fight between Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson: “It’s a tough fight for Hendo. He’s going against a younger version of himself. I think Henderson has the power to get the win here. Rumor has it winner gets a title shot. This is a big deal.”

Florian on a potential fight between Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano: “Both women are capitalizing on the other’s success. Rousey-Carano is the biggest women’s MMA fight you could make, period.”

UFC TONIGHT Host Chael Sonnen on Tim Kennedy vs. Michael Bisping: “In my opinion, the most underrated fighter in the sport is Tim Kennedy.”

Tim Kennedy on what concerns him about his fight against Bisping: “Bisping’s health concerns me and if he’s going to actually fight me that night. I have 25 minutes to put on a show. We’re the main event. I really want to give people what they expect, which is a good fight. But Bisping has to play along and fight.”

Kennedy on how he’ll finish the fight against Bisping: “I’m there to win fairly, by knockout or submission.”

Kennedy if he’s talked too much trash to Bisping: “An emotional fighter isn’t a good fighter. But I’m doing it because I think he’s easy to make fun of. He’s a jerk.”

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on getting drug tested before his title fight with Glover Teixeira: “It’s great to know the athletes who are competing are competing clean. I’ve never taken any performance enhancing drug. I’ve probably fought people in the past who have. I want to see our sport be a clean sport. I have no right to accuse (Glover) of anything. The only edge you should have is your work ethic.”

Jones on what he’ll do against Teixeira: “My goal is to finish the fight, to dominate Glover in a way that no one’s ever seen or could have imagined.”

Travis Browne on his upcoming FOX UFC SATURDAY headliner fight against Fabricio Werdum: “Earlier in my career, all I wanted to do is fight for the title. Now I have so much more in the big picture. This fight has no more pressure than my other fights. The UFC, holding that belt, it’s all part of my life. There’s no pressure that I haven’t already put on myself.

Browne on if he has momentum over Werdum, who hasn’t fought much lately: “I don’t believe in momentum. In this sport it only takes one shot to stop the fight.”

Browne on if Werdum asks to have Browne shave his beard: “It’s the man that makes the beard, not the beard that makes the man.”

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