In a recent interview with FOX Sports, Michael Bisping, discussed the harassing, defaming, video’s that MMA Apparel brand, Ranger Up, has made and is continuing to make about the UFC middleweight.

“They do seem to have a hard on for me. There’s the fact that their product is obviously so s–t that they have to latch onto me, a fighter that’s got nothing to do with their company, but they’ve got to latch onto me and take a bit of my star, a bit of my limelight without sounding like an a–hole to try and sell a f–king few of their sh–ty t-shirts and jeans.

“I mean if you are bored enough like I am sometimes, you can go on their website and look at their clothing and holy s–t no wonder they’re trying to use me to sell some of it, because I don’t know who in their right mind would buy any of that s–t. It’s just f–king awful.”

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