Diego Sanchez blames UFC 171 loss on food poisoning

Diego Sanchez gets his Van Damme on in the Jemez wilderness.
Diego Sanchez gets his Van Damme on in the Jemez wilderness.

If you were expecting a back-and-forth war between Diego Sanchez and Myles Jury at UFC 171 Saturday night — something akin to Diego’s fight with Gilbert Melendez in his last outing at UFC 166 this past October — you were probably a little let down. Jury was pretty much able to pick “The Dream” apart for three full rounds to earn the unanimous decision, and appeared to have little trouble doing it. If you thought something was “off” about Sanchez’s performance, the TUF 1 winner has an explanation (via Twitter):

“I wasn’t myself last night I sustained food poisoning from eating a beef tartare with raw quail egg as a appetizer at dinner. This was my own mistake I ordered it thinking I need red meat but raw was the wrong choice, I threw up first at 2am & all day fight day. This was not part of the Dolce Diet I screwed myself! I thought because I had done everything so perfect I could sway a little & it cost me. I was weak and my performance showed it, if you notice I don’t go for one takedown because I just didn’t have the strength. Jury and his team fought a good fight against me and they did win, but I wanted my fans to know the truth why I was not all there. Take what you want from it, it is the truth. I made a horrible choice and it’s no one’s fault but mine. Yea people gonna talk shit I know but I wanted my fans the ones who care and could see I was not myself why I was not my self. People can talk all the shit they want. I didn’t bitch out. I chased him around and fought hard even at my worst. It just wasn’t my night. I’m heart broken and very very motivated it hurts so bad. I’ll be back better than ever!”

Diego also posted a link to the culinary culprit:

Are you buying Diego’s explanation? It definitely wasn’t the fight I was expecting. What say you?


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