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So I was waiting to drop another blog on how TRT is changing me and what better time than now.  Nevada State Athletic Commission will not allow exemptions , California is out, Brazil and probably any sanctioning body that can afford a test has decided that maybe this treatment should stay out of MMA. My dreams of one day main eventing a UFC card in Vegas has been shattered. That’s not the only thing that has been shattered in this process. Let me pick back up where I left off.

The new year started for me as I anxiously waited for my trip to the urologist and the start of my testosterone journey. I am only 33 so there has never been a need to go to a urologist or even know what they did. I will say that my visit was informative and uncomfortable. This might get a little graphic but just imagine my reaction.

After probably 30 minutes of talking about my issues and possible treatments the older gentleman that was consulting me said he would need to check my prostate. Total shock. Why the hell would I need a prostate check. Well it turns out that testosterone aids and can contribute to prostate cancer. There is no history of that in my family but I still needed to have it checked. I was told to pull my pants down and bend over a table. What grown man feels like this is the right thing to do? Of course the next thing out of the dude’s mouth was, relax. How am I supposed to relax, he’s about to go where no man has gone before?

There I was, bent over trying to think happy thoughts, and a finger is jammed right up my ass. Yes right up the poop chute. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad at first. All of a sudden a subtle movement occurred and I had an overwhelming urge to pee or climax. I knew something was about to discharge I didn’t know just what.

What took probably less than a minute or so felt like an eternity. It was all said and done but I was left there with my pants around my knees and some tissue to clean the lube out of my backside. This stuff better be worth it is all I kept thinking. An additional blood test was ordered to ensure that I wasn’t having some form of rare pituitary issues. If that came back clear I was ready to go with my first shot.

Blood test was negative and I received a call from the office that I could come in for my first injection. Here we go! I was there as soon as they opened. I walked in and a nurse greeted me and told me to come back to an exam room. She walked in and told me to pull my pants down. I was a bit cautious but complied. In just a second she had given me my first dose and as I walked out I asked myself is this the new beginning that I hoped it would be.

So now as I type this I have had four injections. During that time I have felt absolutely no change. That being said, I have changed my lifestyle quite a bit. I started my journey at 371 pounds and today I am happy to report that I am at 331 pounds. The weight loss has helped some things but I can tell you that at any point of any day I can slide into bed or plop down on the couch and go to sleep. My appetite hasn’t changed at all and I have no energy boost.

I am have decided to give TRT another three months to see if anything has changed. Some opportunites have come up that make me want to test this recovery, lean muscle and energy  side effect I keep hearing about. We shall see.

The TRT Diary is a personal blog about testosterone replacement therapy and how it truly works in a real case of hypogonadism. The details may be graphic, but are all true. Enjoy!

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