My partner in crime over at BluegrassMMA.com was there to witness this awesome and saddening display on Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio. You’ll see that after this fight is over, the fighter corner gets into the cage and begins to argue with referee Mark Matheny. That happens sometimes I suppose. What doesn’t happen is the corner climbs the cage and jumps into fray. Oh and the best part, this was the fighters Mom.

Here is what Juan wrote as this was happening.

The highlight of the night, however, came in the third fight when something unprecedented occurred. The fight was between Caleb Frasher and Joe Fisher. After the fight was over Fisher’s mother climbed the cage, to tend to her son who went to sleep during a rear-naked choke. She scaled the entire cage which stands nearly 9′ from the ground, rushed over to her son where she was greeted by Mark Matheny. The police had to escort her out of the cage while the medics took care of Fisher.

This has been shared and this story told across the internet all week. Juan talked about it some on BluegrassMMA Live earlier this week but who knew it would catch fire.

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