If you aren’t familiar with the 27-time BJJ champion and outspoken MMA personality Renato Laranja, it’s about time you get acquainted.

The legendary BJJ practitioner who has single-handedly branded some of the combat community’s greatest one-liners, has finally decided to bless the masses with his own talk show which is set to debut in April. The official promo for ‘The Renato Laranja Show’ was released on Monday and lets just say it’s very promising.

Thus far, Laranja fans can expect to see highly entertaining interviews with the former “King of Pancakes” Bas Rutten, UFC Tonight host Kenny Florian, and the highly sought-after BJJ whiz Rener Gracie. Combine these legends with the antics of Laranja, some high-quality video production and a very classy setting, you get nothing but incredible fight-related comedy rivaled only by the likesĀ Tommy Toe Hold and Prebek.

Take a few minutes and enjoy the official promotional trailer for ‘The Renato Laranja’ show right here and dont forget, “When life gives you lemons….. you not gonna get aids.”

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